1 in 5 were set to do 'Dry January', but 2.7m have already given up

Clearly, 2021 has proven too much for some already

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It seems plenty of us went into the new year aiming to cut our alcohol consumption for January, though it seems despite being just over a week into 2021, the chaos around us has proven too much for many to avoid the drink entirely.

According to research carried out back in December last year, around 30% of UK adults intended to take part in the 'Dry January' challenge, with under 34s being the most enthusiastic group of those polled, making up 48% of those that said they're going to take part.

However, that didn't last too long, as, by January 1st, the figure had dropped by 17%, and another poll conducted on January 5 showed that only 75% of those who started Dry January are still going strong.

Lack of socialisation for the past year has made things difficult for people.

Lack of socialisation for the past year has made things difficult for people.

With the new lockdown 3.0 taking place, it's not too much of a surprise - after all, with very little in the way of socialisation happening and basically living between work and home, having something to take the edge of is understandable.

Interestingly, 75% of those polled taking part in the challenge this year are being smart with their plan - instead of going 'cold turkey' they're simply switching to alcohol-free versions of their favourite drinks; A smart move, and one that could potentially last beyond the confines of January.

According to Alcohol Change UK, the charity that is behind the 'Dry January' challenge, 12% of the adult population - around 6.5 million people - are taking part in the challenge this year. With a large number already having given up, it remains to be seen just how many manage to finish the challenge successfully.

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