10 amazing (and totally extra) ways to top your hot dog

Ready to transform your dog from ‘hot’ to ‘scorchio’?

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Here’s some quick, rudimentary maths: wiener + bun = hot dog. Sure, it’s basic, but it does the job when you’re in need of a quick ‘n’ easy meaty snack. But what about those times when you’re after something a bit… swankier? A bit more, how do you say… topping-laden?

Simmer down, sausage addicts. Don’t get your buns in a bunch – ‘cause we’ve asked our friends over at the ultimate banger boutique, The Sausage Man, to come up with some tantalising hot dog topping ideas. And boy, did they have some fancy-pants sausage sarnie upgrades for you…

Ready to transform your dog from ‘hot’ to ‘scorchio’? Then hot diggity dog, let’s get going.

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Totally extra topping #1: Gourmet French onion

Red onion. White onion. Gruyère cheese. Cheddar cheese. Mix ‘em all together, and what do you get? A gourmet hot dog topping with bags of melty, cheesy, caramelised oniony flavour, that’s what. To make your creation truly complete, team it with a delectable cheese frankfurter – a posh wiener with a melting middle made of golden, oozy, yummy cheese. This one is easy peasy, LOADS of cheesy – just the way we like it.

Totally extra topping #2: Nacho dog

Don’t like spicy, delicioso Mexican-inspired sausages in buns? Then step off, haters – this is ‘nacho’ dog (LOL). Seriously though, this truly genius hot dog topping idea is a fusion food masterstroke: take a bunch of German beef hot dogs, pop ‘em in some baps, then cover generously with jalapeños, tex-mex cheese sauce and tortilla chips. Think: crisp sandwich, but a million, billion times better.

Totally extra topping #3: Banh mi dog

Oh yeah, those crafty fellas and dames over at The Sausage Man have gone and done it – they’ve taken an unsuspecting pork hot dog, and they’ve given it a Vietnamese banh mi makeover. Imagine, if you will, a sausage enveloped in peanutty satay sauce. Top it with pickled carrots and fresh chilli peppers for good measure. Done it? Good. Take a bite and you’ll wonder why no one has come up with this heavenly idea before.

Totally extra topping #4: Pizza dog

All together now: “When a sauce hits your bun like a big pizza… something, that’s amoreeee”. Yep, things are about to get romantic, ‘cause this sausage snack with a pizza twist is pretty darn irresistible. All you gotta do is take some marinara sauce, some mozzarella and a bit of basil (plus a good ol’ helping of garlic), daub it on your dog, and hey presto. Is it a pizza? Is it a hot dog? Nobody knows. But it’s delish, so who cares?

So, there you have it – The Sausage Man’s top four ideas on how to take your hot dog to the next level. Craving more doggy delights? No problemo. Here at FoodDevour HQ we were so inspired by The Sausage Man’s extraordinary creations that we decided to come up with a few ostentatious toppings of our own…

Totally extra topping #5: Hot dog in a blanket

Take everyone’s favourite Christmassy sausage treat, put it in a long, floury bun, and what do you get? A hot dog in a blanket, of course! Don’t worry though, you don’t have to wait until December to enjoy this cult classic meaty wonder. Just grab some bacon, wrap it lovingly around a bratwurst, give it a smattering of mustard, then prepare to make merry – whether it’s May, June or January. Gravy: optional.

Totally extra topping #6: Mac and cheese dog

Spoiler alert: this XXL offering may be even more cheesy than totally extra topping numero uno. Presenting the mac and cheese dog – a German frankfurter poised just so on a roll, then smothered in a tidal wave of yellow, stodgy pasta goodness. You’ve heard of a mac and cheese burger, right? Then why discriminate? Spread the macaroni love and give your hot dog an extra serving of comfort food deliciousness.

Totally extra topping #7: Reuben dog

Nope, it’s not just a hot dog with a person’s name – it’s a hot dog that’s inspired by the stacked-high American staple, the Reuben sandwich. Like its namesake, this sausage sanger comes loaded with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing for maximum indulgence. Swap out the traditional corned beef filling with a beef hot dog, and Sam’s your uncle – you’ve got a dog that’s as American as apple pie.

Totally extra topping #8: Brit dog

Obviously we couldn’t have an American-inspired hot dog in this list without including a British-inspired sausage surprise, too. Ladies and gents, say hello to the Brit dog: a classic brat doused in creamy, fluffy, soul-nourishing mashed potato and topped with onions. Like the hot dog in a blanket, this one can (nay, should) be served with gravy – just remember to extend your pinky when dunking for the full British experience.

Totally extra topping #9: Heiße hund

Question: What could be more German than a German sausage? Answer: A German sausage zhuzhed up to the max with mouthwatering German extras from The Sausage Man website. We’re talking a traditional German brotchen, a schnitzel-style breaded sausage, some sauerkraut, a heap of kartoffelsalat (that’s ‘potato salad’ to you and me), and a spoonful of sweet German mustard for the final Deutschland flourish. Prost!

Totally extra topping #10: Pimp My Beans dog

One for all the beans fans out there, the Pimp My Beans dog is a simple, yet magnificent beast. Step one: take a frankfurter and snuggle it into a freshly baked bun. Step two: drizzle with Monsieur Heinz’s finest baked beans. Step three: we’ve got this far, so why not make a full English breakfast of it? Top with a fried egg and you’ve got a pimped-up barm that would make James May himself weep tears of joy.

Want even more sausage-spiration? Check out The Sausage Man website. FoodDevourrs can save 20% on their first order with The Sausage Man using the code TRIBE20.

What crazy and delicious hot dog toppings are your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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  • The German Dog sounds good. But we don’t do such things as breaded Sausage here in Germany. That’s blasphemy.

      10 months ago
  • I normally prefer my hot dogs orthodox - after my dad had an obsession with putting too much cheese on them, and I discovered the Brazilians add raisins - but these...these are good ideas. Nacho dog, in particular.

      10 months ago
  • #3 Sounds delicious.

      10 months ago
  • I'd try them all. Already eat Chilli and cheese they're grrrrreaaatttt

      10 months ago