100-year-old woman who works at McDonald's says she'll never quit

She's the epitome of 'I'm Lovin' It'

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When people reach the age of around 70 years old, minds turn to a lovely retirement with all the time in the world. Well, for this McDonald's worker age certainly does not matter as she celebrated her 100th birthday last week. In an interview with WTAE, centenarian Ruth Shuster said "age is just a number" – and has no plans to quit her job at the world's biggest fast food franchise.

Shuster has been working at a McDonald's located in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania for 26 years, “I really like the job. No effort for me," Ruth told WTAE.

It's clear that Shuster is no ordinary 100-year old. She says "I have no secret, I just live one day at a time", demonstrating a true dedication for her work life. Her husband passed away more than 50 years ago but that definitely didn't put a damper on things.

She wipes down the tables at her local McDonald's three days a week and has become a popular figure within the local community.

"I've been working ever, ever, ever since and I like working". She explained that her job at the fast food restaurant pays the bills, and she loves working there. "I never had a lot of money but I always had enough, that’s the way it is”.

She said that she really misses dancing and interacting with the customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I go dancing four days a week," she said. Her location has set up a box where people can send her mail: at 9061 Lincoln Hwy, North Huntingdon, PA 15642.

On her birthday last year, the owner of the McDonald's Shuster works at, Nick Delligatti, told KDKA that she was welcome to stay "as long as she'd like". "We enjoy every day we have with her. It is such a blessing," he said.

McDonald’s management pulled out all the stops, draping Shuster in a red robe, introducing a Ruth Shuster bobblehead doll for its display case as well as a broadcasted congratulations from McDonald’s corporate executives.

She even received a very special video message from restaurant mascot Ronald McDonald, who sang a favorite song of hers, “You Are My Sunshine,” a popular tune in the 1940s.

According to recent data from the UK government, one in three of today's babies will live to see their 100th birthday. This means that there'll be a lot of people like Ruth Shuster in 100 years who could still be working at that rare milestone.

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