£1,000 to eat chicken dippers? Bird's Eye offering unique job

If chosen for this position you will also receive a year's supply of chicken dippers

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For many when they think of childhood comfort foods one of things that comes to mind is chicken dippers, not that we blame them of course. And a lot of the time when you're a kid you think 'I wish I could get paid to eat this.' Well, thanks to Bird's Eye you now can.

They are recruiting someone to not only taste test chicken dippers but look into the best sauce dipping strategy. The brand feels this is important to look into as there is much debate on which sauce is the best for the chicken dipper or if they need sauce at all, though 44% state that chicken dippers are ruined without a dip.

If you're thinking of applying for the job, you must have a good understanding of the perfect sauce to dipper ratio, have reliable taste buds and know a thing or two about 'the perfect crunch.'

Photo from Bird's Eye

Photo from Bird's Eye

It's important to note that the hired individual must be willing to appear on camera. Along with that they will be sharing talking points with fellow foodies on social media, advise the best way to dip and be trying out some of the nation's most bizarre sauce combinations in addition to challenging others to share their dipping secrets. All of this will help to inform the brand when it comes to future developments.

Bird's Eye says they will be paying the hiree £1,000 for their time, which according to the brand will be no more than four hours, and will be giving them a year's supply of chicken dippers.

Photo from Bird's Eye

Photo from Bird's Eye

A representative from Bird's Eye had this to say about the job, "We're really excited to be on the hunt for our new Chief Dipping Officer and we're looking forward to seeing what hopefuls think they can bring to the job, as well as providing some expert dipping tips to share with the nation."

If this jobs sounds like the perfect fit for you, you can apply with a 250 word cover letter explaining your experience and passion for chicken dippers as well as why you should be selected. All applications should be sent to

They will be giving extra consideration to the most creative applicants, so definitely take the time to go the extra mile with it. They also very much encourage photo submissions.

So what do you think FoodDevourrs, do you want to be Chief Dipping Officer or do you prefer to eat and dip your chicken dippers in the privacy of your own kitchen?

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