106-year-old who has survived Covid says whisky is the secret to a long life

The truth has been spoken

19h ago

Mary Nicholson, a centenarian who lives in Merseyside, has recently celebrated her 106th birthday after surviving Covid and she says that whisky and full fat milk are the secrets to a long life.

Ms Nicholson, her friends call her Polly, beat Covid-19 for a second time after testing positive on New Year’s Eve. She's certainly seen and survived more than her fair share of trouble, having lived through both world wars and three flu pandemics.

A former canteen cook, never married, Ms Nicholson was born in England on 12 January 1915, and she believes her butter and cream-rich diet, along with a "tipple of whisky at night”, is the secret to her longevity.

“It’s a big birthday – 106. I’ve been fantastic and I’m happy and enjoying myself," Ms Nicholson said. "I'm feeling healthier than ever. I couldn’t tell you how lovely my birthday has been. It was a lovely sensation to find cards and presents that were given to me. It’s nice to be able to celebrate after being in isolation because of the virus.”

The truth has been spoken. Whisky is good for us

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