$2 million worth of wagyu beef donated to US food bank

This family farm usually supplies high end restaurants

52w ago

A family farm called Snake River Farms in Idaho has made a huge donation to a San Francisco food bank to help those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

They have donated $2 million worth of American Wagyu steak, which is a special variety of steak prized for its tenderness and flavour. Remarkably, it can cost up to $200 (£159) per pound, and the cows that produce it can sell for as much as $30,000 (£23,800), according to Business Insider.

The beef was only a small part of an estimated $8 million (£6.3 million) steak donation to the worst-hit states in the US by the family-owned company

The farm typically sends its produce to high-end restaurants but decided to make the donation after stay-at-home orders forced most non-essential businesses to close.

“We are firm believers that in times of crisis, food can bring comfort and healing,” said Jay Theiler, the executive director of marketing at Snake River Farms, Fox News reported.

“While we are hundreds of miles away, we care deeply about these restaurant workers, their families, and the affected communities in California that are having a tough time and want them to know how much they mean to us,” he said.

The number of Americans seeking aid has soared in recent weeks as the botched treatment of the coronavirus pandemic caused unemployment to soar, and food banks across the country have faced severe supply strains.

With 30 million Americans left jobless, food banks are under greater demand than ever: “Not in my lifetime has there been a precedent for this,” said Catherine D’Amato, chief executive of the Greater Boston Food Bank.

"We know how to respond to fires, earthquakes, floods. There isn’t a playbook for this.”

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