250 Tribecoin comp: If Clarkson, Hammond and May had a cooking show, what would it be called?

And no, you can't use 'Oh Cook'

Ben Welham posted in Food Fun
12w ago

The Top Gear trio have never been known for their cooking skills, in fact if Jeremy cooked a meal for me, I would probably throw it away.

However, James May has recently released his own cooking show called 'Oh Cook' which had me thinking: What would the trio's cooking show be called?

You could go for anything with this one. Are they going to be called something simple like 'Three bean chilli' or will you name them something more crude like 'three-layered vomit sandwich'. It's up to you!

Comment your suggestion down below for the chance to win 250 Tribecoin. The best one will be selected by me. The winner will be announced on Friday 11th December.

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