250 TribeCoin giveaway: Post what you are popping for New Year's Eve!

Post an image of what you're toasting with on New Year's, in a tasteful fashion, and give a toast to FoodDevour in the comments to win 250 TribeCoins!

The Angry Somm posted in Wine
8w ago

I hate to ask for last minute favors, but I have 250 TribeCoins burning in my pocket I'd love to give away. All I ask is you share a toast with all of us FoodDevourspeople! (Tribers? Tribists? Tribians?)... The conditions for winning 250 Tribe Coins are quite simple:

1) Post an image in the comments of what you are toasting with. Whether it's Champagne, beer, still wine, whiskey, apple juice, or milk... the bottle label must visible!

2) Write a few short sentences about why you picked that bottle to conclude 2020, and how FoodDevour has helped you make it through 2020.

The winner will be judged on the quality of the photo and quality of your comment. Don't be afraid to show some sincerity. It's been a wearing, daunting year for everyone, so it should come from the heart and be well natured.

3) And lastly, follow 'The Angry Somm' if you haven't already! Winner will be announced Sunday, January 3rd!

Here's what I'll be sending 2020 away with...

I love pouring for guests, even if it's the same 3 people I've been with all year, so I decided to go with a variety of bubbles based on my company's taste. Those looking for the pinnacle of elegance and finesse, I have Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut Natural and Cuvée Rosé. Both have laser sharp accuracy in stimulating your entire palate, while still being playful enough to drink in a festive fashion. The Ultra Brut is full of lemon curd, stone fruit, and dried ginger flavors, with aromas of new rain, white flowers, cake batter. The Rosé Cuvée gives off a white cherry, apple blossom, and dried strawberry profile. The smell actually reminds me of strawberry ice cream. Both are exquisitely fresh in their fruit flavors, as well as leesy and classical like Champagne should be. 1/3 of all Laurent Perrier NV Champagne are filled with reserve juice an average of 30 years old, and freshened up with younger vintages from there, so they drink amazing without the need of cellaring. It may be at the higher end of what I'm willing to spend ($60-$80), but I couldn't possible conclude this year with anything less.

You may have noticed a black bottle with a plum and gold label in the middle of the two Champagnes. That is my secret weapon. For those who follow me on Instagram and on here, you will have noticed this Lambrusco from previous posts. It is the Metodo Classico Rosso from Lini910. The most bazaar and amazing sparkling I've ever had. It is a 2006 vintage, intensely deep red fizzy wine that's gathered it's bubbles the same way Champagne does. This Lambrusco is incredibly aromatic, full of rosemary, blackberry, framboise, and rose. The flavors are genuinely complexed, expressing notes of raspberry, pomegranate, red apple skin, pepper, licorice, cola... and the finish is as long as this year was. It's a sensational wine for those who enjoy organized chaos. It's fruity, savory, tannic, acidic, sparkly, refreshing, herbaceous... and epic. It's exactly how I want to start 2021.

I would like to conclude by saying that FoodDevour has been a fantastically revitalizing outlet to have an ethical, and genuine social media experience. No toxic algorithms, fake news, or fear mongering here. Just good company, creative users, and wonderful hosts like Rachael Hogg, John Coleman, Alessandro Renesis, and James May. Thanks to FoodDevour I've been able to dabble in the joys of writing and content creation, and most importantly, offering a spot of knowledge regarding Wine & Spirits to all of you magnificent FoodDevourrs! I cheers to the end of this dreadful year, and to a future of splendid experiences with all of you fine people!

I look forward to reading your toasts! Cheers!

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Comments (64)

  • Already popped! Happy New Years!

      1 month ago
  • This is a very pleasant drop. I've enjoyed it before for the New Year. Thanks FoodDevourrs for your great ideas this year. Wishing everyone health, happiness, prosperity, love and gratitude in 2021. Happy New Year!

      1 month ago
    • 1 month ago
    • I wish it was easier to get good German sparkling here in the US. 😪 although it feels more rewarding when I do find it 😅

        1 month ago
    • Yes thats true!! I had too get it through a locked border because of Lockdown. This will make it taste much better :P

        1 month ago
  • More than likely this is what I'm bringing in the New Year and mostly just because it is something new to me. Regardless I don't drink much wine....as for my toast: I can't complain about 2020 too much. I have had great love and support from our Tribers. We have a wonderful community and I hope it grows more in 2021. A special extra thanks to who is always trying to make me better. I love you all! Here's to 2021 🍷

      1 month ago
  • I will open these: sparkling rosé from the Beira region of Portugal and a Lini 910 Lambrusco 😍. You might recognized the Lambrusco bottle and it is not a coincidence that I have the same bottle as the @The Angry Somm, it was his recommendation 👍🏼. Which brings me to FT, I am very happy that I discovered FT this year and I got the chance to meet a lot of interesting, fun and warm ❤️ people. These bottles represent my experience in FT: a wonderful Lambrusco recommended by a sommelier!! A sparkling rosé made with local grapes like the many delicious homemade meals and pastries I see here 🥺. The crazy 🦀 is this 2020 outside FT 😂. Happy new year FT 🥳.

      1 month ago
    • 🥲I’m so proud of your excellent taste in wine. Cheers to culture in a bottle, and a happy new year!

        1 month ago
    • Happy new year!! Thank again for your recommendations and sharing your knowledge with us 🥂

        1 month ago