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3 fine spirits you can treat yourself to this Winter

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4d ago

How do you define ‘luxury’? It has to be expensive, obviously, and some people would probably cite scarcity as well but I don’t think that’s the case. I mean, it’s not like there’s a finite quantity of caviar available in the world. I guess, when it comes to food, either something is readily available and easy to grow/produce or it isn’t.

Anyway, whatever your definition of ’luxury/luxurious‘ might be, I thought I’d put together a list of 3 spirits that you might wanna consider for the winter season. By the way, I’ve also included a limited-edition olive oil but don’t drink that.

I’m not a foodie, but I am a ‘drinkie’ - which is a word I’ve just made up - and I’d rather spend some extra cash on a good beer or a glass of high-end vodka than, say, on a new expensive shirt.

1. Fen Chiew

Some say this is one of “the trendiest spirits to emerge from China”, Fen Chiew is a type of Baijiu, a clear liquor distilled from grains and/or rice.

Fen Chiew is kinda like Grappa but a bit smoother, with floral flavours that makes it less aggressive even though the ABV is usually very high (up to 65%).

It’s available from Harrods, a 50cl bottle will set you back £160.

2. Louis XIII Black Pearl Baccarat

I‘ll be honest, I wasn’t going to mention this because it’s way too expensive but then I did because A, the bottle is stylish and B, even you can’t afford this Cognac (I certainly can’t), it’ll perhaps provide the inspiration to get a reasonably-priced bottle of Cognac.

The Louis XIII Black Pearl Baccarata Cognac comes in with a needlessly long name and a hand-blown Black Pearl decanter, in a ‘steely’ colour, which was specifically made to house a rare blend of Louis XIII.

How much? You don’t wanna know. Let’s just say that it’s either this or a Dacia Duster.

3. Gérard Bertrand Clos du Temple Rosé

The Gérard Bertrand Clos du Tempe Rosé (why do they always pick these long names?) has often been called the ‘most expensive rosé in the world’, which is odd because it ‘only’ costs around £200. That’s not cheap, but attainable.

It is made from grenache grapes grown, as per tradition, at 240 mt above sea level in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in Southern France.

Bertrand says the wine boasts a “crisp structure”, with aromatic freshness “of apricot and white peach”. Gotta love wine jargon.

Honourable mention/guest appearance: Frescobaldi Laudemio olive oil

Olive oil is basically liquid food, and I’ve decided to include it in the list because… why not.

Produced by the Frescobaldi faily in Tuscany (they also make wine), the Laudemio is an extra-virgin olive oil made from emerald olives.

It’s available in 250 ml or 500 ml bottles, with prices ranging between £35-40 and £50-65.

Is there any high-end food/fine spirit you consume on a regular basis?

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  • The bottle for that black pearl looks amazing!

    Drinkie is not going to get old anytime soon 🤣

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