$35k worth of food ruined as women coughs on it as a prank

With groceries in such short supply, this sick prank has people furious...

1y ago

Gerrtiy's Supermarket, in Pennsylvania, has been struggling to keep up with the recent demand for fresh produce. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen people flood into their nearest supermarket to stock up on 'essentials', meaning some shoppers have been left disappointed.

Like every other supermarket, they have been working round the clock to keep the shelves stocked and avoid this, but some people make this a more challenging task than others.

One Pennsylvania shopper was seen coughing directly onto items in the fresh produce, bakery, meat and general grocery sections in what was clearly a twisted prank, aimed at playing on people's fears. The woman is already known to the local police as a bit of a troublemaker.

$35K worth of produce had to be destroyed for fear it had been contaminated by the virus, with the affected areas having to remain closed to allow for a deep clean.

Store owner, Joe Fasula, wrote in a post on the store's Facebook page that he is hoping the insurers will cover the financial losses for the store. However, he is more disgruntled at having to waste food in a time where so many are struggling to keep food in the table.

He wrote, "I am also absolutely sick to my stomach about the loss of food. While it is always a shame when food is wasted, in these times when so many people are worried about the security of our food supply, it is even more disturbing."

He also thanked the staff in the store for their hard work which seen the affected areas spotlessly clean and fully restocked, in no time.

The District Attorney is now handling the case and issued a press release stating that the lady is being evaluated at the local hospital for mental health concerns and tested for COVID-19, but that criminal charges will also be filed.

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Comments (11)

  • This makes me so angry! What is wrong with some people?!

      1 year ago
  • That’s messed up, can’t imagine how people can make a mockery of such a situation.

      1 year ago
  • When you get frustrated with all of the rules, guidelines, restrictions, even laws which feel stifling and prison-like...this is why they are being put in place...legislation has to take into consideration even the unthinkable. Sad.

      1 year ago
  • There’s no excuse - she should pay for it

      1 year ago
  • They should have her pay for all the food that was thrown out! 😡

      1 year ago