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4 easy rum drinks you might not have thought of making

Two Drifters rum has had a rather lovely rebrand, so along the theme of something new, we've been mixing up some slightly different rum drinks

Rachael Hogg posted in Drinks
1d ago

When you think about rum, your mind might immediately drift towards a rum and coke, perhaps a Mojito, or a Pina Colada. But there are plenty of other ways to enjoy this deliciously versatile spirit.

We were inspired to try out a few different and new ways with rum, after getting hold of a couple of bottles of Two Drifters' newly rebranded bottles.

It's not just an aesthetic change, with brighter, bolder and simplified graphics (which looks great), but it's all part of their mission to be carbon negative. The stopper is now sustainable/natural cork with an FSC wooden top, and the tamper seal might look like plastic but is 100% compostable and made from wood pulp. The bottle is made in Britain and is 230g lighter than the previous design. While that might not sound like a huge amount, it makes a considerable difference when it comes to shipping. The label paper is made from 95% sugarcane fibre, and 5% hemp and linen, and of course, the liquid inside the bottle is made with a carbon negative footprint.

What have we been mixing up?

R+ET (rum and elderflower tonic, not the 'phone home' kind)

First up, we've been switching up our G+T for a rum and T. But not just any 'T', elderflower tonic. Using Two Drifters Pure White Rum, this is a really refreshing change to our usual go-to drink, with the elderflower giving it an extra lil summin' summin'. Super simple: 25 (or 50) ml of rum, top with elderflower tonic, garnish with a slice of grapefruit.


Refreshing and thirst-quenching, this is essentially a Daiquiri, but also not a Daiquiri at all. It's got a little less lime in it, and it's made into a long drink with coconut water. It was apparently invented back in 2009 by rum and cocktail expert Martin Cate, who owns legendary bars Smuggler's Cove and Whitechapel in San Francisco.

To make it, fill a tall glass with ice, add 50ml Two Drifters Pure White Rum, 15ml fresh lime juice, 10ml sugar syrup (if you like things a little sweeter!), mix it all up, and top with coconut water and garnish with lime.

A little less Dark & Stormy

Who doesn't love a Dark & Stormy? But sometimes, you want to keep it a little lighter, a little less dark, and a little less stormy. We bring you, the 'little less Dark & Stormy'. Switch out the traditional dark rum for the Two Drifters Lightly Spiced Rum, the ginger beer for ginger ale, and the lime for a slice of orange. It's the same, but also different.

Hemingway Daiquiri

Ok, so we might be stretching the definition of 'different' or 'new', because this is just a twist on a classic Daiquiri, and it was invented in 1921 by Constantino Ribalaigua of El Floridita in Havana, Cuba for his rum-loving regular, Ernest Hemingway. But in our defence, we usually drink a classic Daiquiri, so it's sort of new for us? Convinced? Fine, us neither, but it's a great drink either way.

Take 50ml of Two Drifters Pure White Rum, 12.5ml Maraschino Liqueur, 12.5ml freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, 25ml lime juice (and an optional 12.5ml sugar syrup. We leave it out as we like things tart like Hemingway did!). Pop it all in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it hard, double strain into a cocktail glass, pop a Maraschino cherry in if you're feelin' fancy, and enjoy.

How do you drink rum?

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