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    43,000lbs of Walmart ground meat recalled amid fears of E.Coli contamination

    A nationwide recall in the U.S. you shouldn't ignore

    Hayley Stanway posted in Meat

    23w ago


    The United Stated Department for Agriculture (USDA) issued a statement on 13 June relating to ground meat produced by Lakeside Refrigerated Services during the month of June. The meat was distributed nationwide to Walmart stores and effects products under the brand names Marketside Butcher and Thomas Foods International, containing the establishment number: EST. 46841.

    The recall follows a routine inspection by USDA, which sparked fears the meat could be contaminated by E.Coli 0157, the most pathogenic strain of the bacterium. There have been no reported cases of infection, so far.

    Items affected include the following packages. View the labels here.

    E.Coli can cause unpleasant gastro symptoms, including cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration. However the 0157 strain in question is more pathogenic, with symptoms potentially progressing to passing blood and, in severe cases, sepsis and kidney issues characterized by bruising, reduced urine output, and fever. Symptoms normally arise within two-seven days of ingestion. If the more severe symptoms arise, you should seek urgent medical attention.

    As such, this is a Class I safety recall where, "there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death."

    Those who have purchased any of the items in question are being asked to return it, unopened, to the store where they purchased it. Walmart has confirmed customers will receive a full refund. Those who frequently buy meat from Walmart are being urged to check their fridges and freezers to ensure it's not missed.

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    Comments (7)

    • Oh, one time I bought nectarines and ate almost all of them before receiving the recall notice due to listeria 😐. I made marmalade with the rest and waited to see if I got sick or not 😅 before using the marmalade.

        5 months ago
    • I wouldn’t risk it. Our butcher meat normally comes from a good local butcher who own their own farms so you know it’s properly sourced .

        5 months ago
    • Oh dearie me not good

        5 months ago
    • I assume this would really only be an issue if you were making Beef Tartare?

        5 months ago
      • Yes and no. Theoretically, thoroughly cooking the meat should make it safe but because its ground and all surfaces could be in contact with infected surfaces before being essentially folded in on each other, its rarely thoroughly cooked...

        Read more
          5 months ago
      • I didn't know that about ground meat.

          5 months ago