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5 amazing wild Alaska Seafood recipes from around the world

All aboard Wild Alaska Airways. Today we’ll be taking a little trip...

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All aboard Wild Alaska Airways. Today we’ll be taking a little trip, starting and finishing in Japan, and seeing a bit of Mexico and Spain along the way.

Alaska, the large, sparsely populated state in North America, is one of the world’s largest seafood exporters. If Alaska were a country, it would rank as the ninth-largest seafood exporter by value, and seventh in terms of volume. That’s a lot of fish.

Importantly, seafood from Alaska is wild, natural and sustainable. Fish from Alaska swim wild in the icy Pacific Ocean – some of the cleanest water in the world. The freedom and the fish’s natural diet creates a superior taste and texture.

The state of Alaska was founded in 1959, and the Constitution stated that its fish “be utilised, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle”. In Alaska, ‘sustainable’ applies to the fish, the local communities, the fishermen and women and the economic return.

Is wild Alaska seafood good for me?

Seafood from Alaska is an excellent source of lean protein as well as other important vitamins and minerals including amino acids, selenium, vitamins E, C, D, and A. Eating this complete high-quality protein builds and maintains lean body mass, regulates metabolism and builds stronger muscles, resulting in greater mobility, strength and dexterity.

Take wild Alaska pollock. The calories contained in Alaska pollock are 97% from protein. Compared to other protein sources like chicken breast (75%) and lean ground beef (43%), there’s no cleaner protein than wild Alaska pollock (USDA Standard Reference Release).

And according to the BBC’s list of ‘Top 100 Most Nutritious Foods’ Alaska pollock is ranked number 17, with a fat content of less than 1%.

Now I just need some recipe inspiration...

From Mexico to Spain to Japan, these five recipes should provide you with all the inspiration you need to cook with more fish.

Wild Alaska pollock chilli ramen

Image: Steve Lee

Image: Steve Lee

Who doesn't love to slurp their way through a delicious bowl of ramen? If you want to try something a little different next time you're whipping up a bowl of yumminess, give some wild Alaska pollock fillets a go. Pollock has a similar flavour to haddock or cod, just slightly stronger. It's quite delicate, has large flakes (perfect to grab with your chopsticks) and a low oil content.

One pot Spanish pollock with Parma ham, chickpeas and smoked paprika

Image: Michael Powell

Image: Michael Powell

How do you improve on already delicious fish? Wrap it in Parma ham, of course. I mean, what isn't improved by being wrapped in Parma ham? Throw in some smoked paprika, some chickpeas and lots of fresh, zingy flavours, and you've got yourself a Spanish pollock dish that can be done really easily in just one pot.

Wild Alaska salmon katsu curry

Katsu curry is a firm favourite with most people. It’s a super easy dish to make, it's comforting and it's got a little bit of a curry kick. Perfect for a post workout meal, the omega 3 fatty acids in Alaska salmon can help towards the reduction of post exercise muscle inflammation. Alaska salmon is also packed with lean protein, which is essential for muscle repair. What's not to love?

Mexican wild Alaska salmon tacos with lime and red onion

Image: Michael Powell

Image: Michael Powell

Ok, so the song doesn't quite go, "oh I wish it could be #TacoTuesday every day," but these tacos might just be better than Christmas. Packed with zesty Mexican flavours, there's heat, there's citrus, there's creaminess, and you will not be able to stop eating them.

Wild Alaska salmon okonomiyaki pancake

Image: Steve Lee

Image: Steve Lee

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake that usually contains lots of different ingredients combined in a wheat-flour based batter. The name comes from the word 'okonomi', which means "how/what you like" and 'yaki', which means "cooked". I don't know about you, but I usually struggle to come up with anything exciting to do with canned fish beyond sandwiches, or jacket potatoes. However, that's definitely changed thanks to this recipe, which uses wild Alaska Seafood canned salmon. Time to take your canned fish to the next level...

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  • It all looks delicious and inspiring, thanks for sharing. I am going to try and eat more fish.

      11 months ago
    • Tasty right? Which one takes your fancy the most? I thiiiiink the tacos might just be my fave, but they're all really, really good.

        11 months ago
    • The tacos do top the list but as I'm keen to reduce carbs I like the sound of the one pot. I'd also like to barbecue more fish, I love the smell of fresh fish grilling on charcoal 😋

        11 months ago
  • Great article. Glad I went to the butcher yesterday and but lots of fish. Even picked up a couple really nice Cod filets. Now to gather up the rest of the ingredients and try these recipes out.

      11 months ago