5 Best Amazon UK Deals for Mixers, Blenders and Juicers

These amazing deals are live on Amazon UK right now, so make the most of them while they last.

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If you're a juicer, a baker or a milkshake maker, these 5 unbelievable deals on Amazon UK will be right up your alley. Ranging from classic designs to new-fangled tech, these products will make anyone's day brighter. If you're looking to get in 5 a day for the new year, check out these highly discounted and highly reviewed juicers and blenders. Or, if you're looking to spruce up your kitchen with the ultimate countertop accessory – the mixer – then I've found two that are really promising, great value options! But don't dilly dally: these offers are live right now, and there's no telling how long they'll last!

Kitchenaid Classic

Kitchenaid has been for some time the standard of mixers. An icon of design, and ubiquitous in swanky kitchens across the land, this culinary classic will make any kitchen complete.

If you’re in the market, now might just be the time to commit! This Kitchenaid Classic is currently available with 20% off on Amazon UK; it’s been reduced from £347.24 to £276.99.

Find it on Amazon here

Decen Blender

The small blenders from the likes of nutribullet are all well and good, but to get your smoothie ingredients ultra-smooth, and to get the most years of use out of your investment, most you’re far better off going for something chunky like this countertop blender. Not only will this overbuilt machine last longer, but it’ll have enough grunt to deal with thicker smoothies, milkshakes, and – who knows – maybe even mashed potatoes.

This one is currently reduced by 27%, from £95.99 to £69.99, so make the most of this offer while you still can.

Find it on Amazon here

Bagotte Juicer

Nothing beats freshly squeezed OJ in the morning! If you like to masticate your fruit, you’ll love this next product. Specially designed to take full, uncut apples and pears, this is a serious piece of juicing kit. It chops, it squeezes, and it squirts it into your glass while you simply sit and relax. What’s more, this one is brilliantly designed for easy disassembly, so there’s no danger of it getting gunked up or dirty in inaccessible places.

Right now you can get this juicer at 38% lower than its usual price. It's been reduced from £79.99 to £49.99. That’s a saving you ought to not miss if you’re in the juicer market!

Find it on Amazon here

Kenwood Mixer

Everyone loves Kitchenaid mixers. They look sleek, feel sturdy and work perfectly. But let’s not neglect the plethora of other mixers on the market. This one by Kenwood borrows its retro 20th century styling from Kitchenaid, and the results look pretty damn smart. Kenwood mixers are highly revered, so you’ll be sacrificing nothing as far as your baking is concerned. In fact, with its ultra-wide range of speeds, this can go slow enough to mince meat and knead pasta. Even if you do have your heart set on a Kitchenaid, when you see the discount on this one you might just forget about that.

Reduced from £429.99 to just £229, this mixer is currently available at 47% off its full RRP. A huge discount that should not be missed!

Find it on Amazon here

Angoter Wooden Lemon Reamer

Sometimes the old ways are just the best. A small product like this can often do just as good a job as the remarkable motor driven offerings that we have available to us, and will almost certainly last a good deal longer. It might be slower, but it’s a good deal cheaper too! What’s more, this is a hugely versatile item. Just looking at it I can imagine one or two other uses for it at home. It’s probably worth buying just to have a go with; I’ve never had too much of an issue simply squeezing lemon quarters into food but I’m always happy to try alternative techniques. Most interesting is the assertion by the seller that the device is, ‘comfortable and comfortable’.

This rather cute object from the past is currently available with 11% off; it’s been reduced from £3.26 to just £2.90!

Find it on Amazon here

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