5 Best Pan Deals on Amazon UK

Having some quality pots and pans makes cooking far more enjoyable. If you're in need of an upgrade, then check out these incredible deals!

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Wobbly handles; sticky bases; chipped coatings: if your pans match any of these descriptions then its high time to treat yourself. Nothing compares to the bliss of cooking on a new non-stick pan, nor the steady even heat of a high quality skillet. So check out these 5 discounted pots and pans that can be had on Amazon UK right now. As ever, its impossible to say how long these bargain prices will last, so act fast!

Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

French cookware manufacturers Le Creuset have long been revered as the masters of cast iron. Since they first started in 1925, many of their forging and casting methods have remained largely unchanged, and their pots have become commonplace worldwide.

Currently this beautifully constructed cast iron skillet is available with 24% off its full price. It's been reduced from £115 to £86.84, a reduction that is worth taking advantage of!

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Ken Hom Classic Non Stick Wok

This carbon steel, ken hom approved wok is sure to elevate your stir frys. With a non-stick coating and comfortable wooden handle, this wok is going to be a pleasure to use. Also, with its large 35cm diameter, there's room for plenty of portions with minimal clean up from spillages.

This wok is being sold at 25% off its original price, reduced from £30.99 to just £23.24.

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Tefal Precision Plus Frying Pan

Another French company, and another highly renowned and innovative design: Tefal was the first company to produce a non-stick pan in 1954. Since then, their non-stick cookware has remained at the forefront of the market. This pan is the number 1 best selling frying pan on Amazon for a reason!

Right now, you can have this for 45% less than the RRP. It's been reduced from £22 to only £12. A bargain, which is sure to make both cooking and washing up (no scraping off bits required) much easier!

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Morphy Richards 3 Piece Saucepan Set

Some say that the best things in life come for free, but I say the best things in life come in three. Such is the case with this 3 piece saucepan set from Morphy Richards, which comes with three super versatile pan sizes. Like all the coolest things, they're made of titanium, and like any good pan they've received non-stick coatings.

These pans are being sold at a remarkable 62% off! They've been reduced from £89.99 to £33.75. Act now to deck out your pans cupboard and make big savings!

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Meyer Stainless Steel Induction Cookware, 5 Piece Set

If you want more savings, and more pans, than the previous item, then look no further. Because Meyer's 5 piece cookware set is currently on sale for 63% – a crucial percentage point higher than the Morphy Richards set. What's more, these are perfect for anyone lucky enough to have an induction hob: they're made of steel, so will work on the electro-magnet powered hob (or at least I think that's how they work?)

Complete with a frying pan and saucepans big and small, this set is perfect if you're looking for a complete overhaul of your battered looking pots and pans.

Reduced by 63%, they've gone from £220 to a rather impressive £81.90!

Find on Amazon UK here.

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  • I reckon that Le Creuset is more expensive than a little pan has any right to be.

      11 months ago
    • I just have two pots (big enough for meals for 2-4 servings and 6-8 servings) and though I bought them in a supersale, I think they are worth it. You can also use them to fry- I love my le Creuzet pots- I would buy them again. (They dont pay me 😉) If...

      Read more
        11 months ago