5 Boozy Deals on Amazon UK

Ever fancied making cocktails, beer or gin at home? Looking to spruce up your receptacle collection? Check out these discounted items on Amazon UK!

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Congratulations! You’re two thirds through dry January. I think it’s high time you started wetting yourself up for February by checking out these alcohol related deals on Amazon UK. Ranging from brew kits to ice buckets, there’s something here for any tipple, and any price-point.

Bulldog Home Brew IPA Kit

Home brewing is a great project; anything tastes better when it’s bolstered with the satisfaction of knowing it's homemade. This kit makes 40 pints of IPA, meaning you’ll get a price per pint unmatched in the pub or in the supermarket!

Right now this kit is available with a rather tidy 15% off. Reduced from £39.90 to £33.95, this discount that might just make this project worth a shot for some, so get it while you still can!

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit

If you like something a little stronger, and still fancy having a go yourself, then give this gin making kit a look. To avoid the complicated distillation phase, this kit requires the user to add in some vodka, which is infused to make delicious gin in a range of flavours.

Currently reduced from £29.99 to £24.99 ¬– a 17% reduction – this is perfect for gin aficionados looking to further their knowledge.

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Dartington Wine Carafe

Is anything classier than wine served in a decanter? Wine served in this way reminds me of Paris restaurants and Timothy Dalton era bond films. Bring some of those tasteful vibes into your home with this Dartington wine carafe. Its designed to take a full bottle and can be put in the dishwasher. So it seems practicality and elegance can find a middleground.

Reduced from £35 to £22.99, this carafe is currently available with 34% off its original price. This is a perfect opportunity to bring a new, elegant object into your life, so check it out and take advantage of the savings!

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Cocktail Set with Nifty Wooden Stand

Nothing elevates a dinner party than a round of well-made cocktails. If you want to impress your guests, or simply make yourself some amazing cocktails to enjoy, then consider this set. It comes with a rather nifty wooden stand, so everything can be kept neat and tidy rather than rolling around in the bottom of your utensils drawer.

This is currently discounted by 35%. It’s been reduced from £42.99 to only £27.99, so do give this one some thought.

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Georg Jensen Grand Champagne Cooler by Helle Damkjær

Champagne is a classy drink. So why settle for a second-rate bucket? This one, from luxury brand Georg Jensen is a remarkable object. It’s shaped like an iceberg– fitting, for an ice bucket – and made of mirror finish stainless steel. At £211.07, this is about as indulgent as ice buckets get, but if you’re someone who settles for nothing but the best, then this is the one.

But in a sense, this is the bargain of the new decade: it’s been reduced by 39%, from the original price of £345!! This huge saving is live on Amazon UK right now.

Find it on Amazon UK here.

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