5 brain boosting foods you didn't know about

It seems that these days we have to remember more things than ever, so wouldn't it be great if there were some foods that could help? Well, there are!

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We sometimes neglect that fact that we need to feed our brains. Not just with another binge watch on Netflix, but with food that keeps your most vital organ firing on, so here are five foods that you might not have known are good for your brain.


Fish high in Omega 3 are fantastic for brain heath, and Salmon is one of the best. The unique coloured meat contains crucial nutrients, particularly fats, that stimulate and maintain brain function.

Salmon contains the 'essential' fats that make up 60% of your brain. Yes, over half your noggin' is fat, but keeping it topped up with the right kinds of fat can sharpen your memory and improve brain activity.

As well as being delicious, looks like salmon should be your go to meal for brain boosting.


It goes without saying that fruit is good for you, but blueberries are continually backed to be good for your brain.

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help reduce brain ageing, and delaying the onset of memory loss.

Not only do they keep your brain healthier for longer, but they actually improve your memory.

Easy to throw into a smoothie or put on your breakfast, blueberries are a must have.


Unknown to most, and overlooked in general, broccoli is somewhat of a hidden gem in the veg world. These little trees are quite the food for thought, literally.

Packed full of Vitamin K, one 90g serving holds 100% of your daily intake of the vitamin.

Adding to the previously mentioned fact that your brain is made of 60% fat, this nutrient helps produce and renew these fats.

Fundamental to your neurological ability, Vitamin K is overflowing from just a small portion of broccoli, so this little veg is brilliant for your brain.


We are all allowed to be cheeky sometimes, and you shouldn't feel bad for eating chocolate, but dark chocolate is surprisingly a great brain aid.

What makes dark chocolate different from milk and white incarnations, is that its packed full of antioxidants, caffeine and the magic substance flavonoids.

Flavonoids congregate in the memory and learning parts of the brain, and actively help slow down age-related brain decline.

Studies have found that chocolate boosted ability in quick-fire mental tasks, and longer memory tests.

So treat that sweet tooth, and your brain, by buying some dark choc!


Boil 'em, scramble 'em, or poach 'em, eggs are brilliant for your health in general.

Eggs are one of the best source for two vital substances for your brain, choline and folate.

Choline is a micronutrient that helps produce neurotransmitter, and those two big words mean that choline aids the network of your brain keep firing quickly and accurately.

Egg yolks are the most concentrated source of choline you can find!

Folate is relatively unknown in how it helps the brain, but studies have found that dementia sufferers have folate deficiency, leading scientists to believe folate is a must have.

So no matter how you like them in the morning, eggs are no yolk for your brain health.

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