5 Foods You Thought Were Vegan but Actually aren't.

Sorry to disappoint but h​ere's a list of food that people assume are vegan but aren't!

Laura Bowes posted in Vegan
1y ago

V​eganuary is continuing and with the new challenge a lot of uncertainty often accompanies it! I have complied a list of commonly 'thought to be vegan' food to hopefully make this month a lot simpler.

1​) Chewing Gum

W​hile gum might seem harmless, some companies use animal products such as gelatine and glyercin to enable the product to combine, creating the 'chewy' effect. Similarly to marshmallows, these ingredients are often hidden and you'll need to check the ingredients before popping it in your mouth!

2​) Bread

S​orry about this one...but most bread is actually made from milk, butter, or eggs. However, there is a silver-lining as sourdough is all-go for vegans!

3​) French Fries

P​otatoes are indeed the only ingredient in fries, however the cooking process of many fries are what ruins the veganism of these beauties! In fact, many are actually fried in duck or beef fat.

4​) Oreos

O​ver the years there has been much debate as to whether Oreos are vegan. Unfortunately the company have revealed that they contain traces of milk. Sorry.

5) P​asta

I​f the pasta you're dealing with is freshly made, you might have to pass as it is usually made with eggs.

W​hile some may come as a surprise, the items on the list can most certainly be substituted and enjoyed just as much on your vegan journey; so don't panic!

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  • Traces of milk is still vegan. Veganism isn't a diet, vegans don't die if there are traces in a product

      1 year ago