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5 great rosé wines to enjoy this summer

Just the slightest hint of sunshine, and we are Team #RoséAllDay

5d ago

Ok, so far this year, summer in the UK hasn't exactly been kind weather wise. We've had the heating on, hot water bottles to warm us up, jumpers out, outdoor plans cancelled... but apart from all that and the whole *pandemic* thing, it's been great. One benefit of having the heating on in August though, is that we can all at least pretend we're sunning ourselves somewhere warm and toasty. And with summer and warm weather, of course, comes rosé wine!

The slightest hint or possibility that we can imagine sunshine sees us reaching for a bottle of the pink stuff. Here are five great bottles we'd recommend you try this summer.

Folc English Rosé

£15.99 a bottle, available from the Folc website.

There still aren’t a huge number of English still rosé wines around, but of the ones there are, the quality is getting better and better. Folc is hoping to give Provence rosé a run for its money with its wine, a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Bacchus, Reichensteiner, Schönburger and Dornfelder sourced from family-run vineyards in Kent and East Sussex.

Definitely Provence in style, you get a lovely floral aroma – seriously, it’s the wine equivalent of being in a garden in summertime – with raspberries and lime sorbet flavours coming through, and strawberries and cream on the finish. Basically, ticking all the ‘English summer’ boxes in a bottle. And speaking of the bottle, it features a gorgeous diamond pattern on it, making it look extra special.

The name ‘Folc’ is an Old English noun meaning ‘people, tribe and family’. Elisha and Tom, the team behind Folc are on a mission to be fully carbon neutral within the next few years. They’re already accredited with the WineGB Sustainability Scheme (not many vineyards in the UK can claim that yet), they use a plant-based cork, and all their packaging is biodegradable, recycled or recyclable.

Mirabeau Pure Provence Rosé

£15 a bottle, available from Tesco.

This wine is everything you want from a Provence Rosé. Gorgeous, clear, pale-pink colour with silvery reflections. Tick. Fruity aromas giving you loads of citrus, grapefruit and a little tropical lychee. Tick. Pleasant minerality with strawberries and raspberries. Tick.

Mirabeau was set up by a British couple back in 2010. They made the (very sensible) decision to swap their south London lives to become winemakers in Provence. We think that’s known as ‘living the dream’. Mirabeau Pure is an AOP Cotes de Provence Rosé made from vines high in the hills of Mont Aurelien, southeast of Aix-en-Provence. The limestone/clay vineyards are some of the highest in the region. That, along with the vineyard facing north, means the grapes have a nice, long ripening time, giving complexity and acidity to the wine.

The Hidden Sea Rosé

£9.00 a bottle, available from Sainsbury’s

If you like wine, AND the planet, this is the one for you. The Hidden Sea wine company is on a mission to remove plastic from oceans. For every bottle sold, The Hidden Sea will remove the equivalent of 10 500ml plastic bottles from the ocean and recycle them. And it's not just a claim, the company is ReSea Project certified, which means they are accountable for their actions. Their mission is to remove one billion plastic bottles from oceans by 2030, which is no small feat. Best get drinking, hey.

It seems like everyone is drinking Provence Rosé – and nothing but Provence Rosé – at the moment, and we might forget that a lot of other countries and wine regions make Rosé too. Like Australia! This is a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. It’s made on South Australia’s Limestone Coast, where 26 million years ago, the area was submerged by an ocean with a thriving marine ecosystem. Several ice ages caused the ocean to recede, leaving behind land which is rich with limestone deposits – and a few impressive marine fossils, too.

If you perhaps like your Rosés with a little more fruit than your average Provence one, you'll love this. The colour is a little darker than you might be used to drinking, but that definitely shouldn't be a reason to put you off. Take a whiff and you get loads of strawberries and creaminess, and a bit of spice as well. Those flavours carry on into the wine, with a nice fresh acidity too. Definitely one to take to a friend’s house for a film night, or to a barbecue, or beach day, or picnic. Basically, any kind of lovely day.

Maison no.9 Rosé

£19 a bottle, available at Tesco

Celeb wine time! This is rapper, singer and multi-instrumentalist Post Malone’s vino. Along with Drew London and James Morrissey, the three found themselves drinking more Rosé, but not finding a blend they really liked. Apparently they wanted to create a brand that everyone could identify with, so they tasted 100 different blends, all fell in love with the same one, and settled on Maison No.9.

It’s a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Shiraz/Syrah, and Merlot, which leads to a seriously smooth wine. It’s nicely balanced, and easy to drink – whether that’s a good or a bad thing, we’ll let you decide. It’s not cheap, and you will be able to find some seriously good competition at that price point, but you won’t be disappointed with the liquid if you’re drawn in by the gorgeous bottle and intriguing design.

Plus, you can always make one of these cocktails with it...

Jardin de Roses AOP Languedoc Rosé

Usually £13.49, a bottle currently on offer for £9.99 at Waitrose.

If you're looking for a special bottle for a birthday, or celebration, look no further. We've bought several of these over the past months for all sorts of people. Surely people would rather have a bottle of Rosé, than a bunch of roses? There are six different bottle designs to create the ‘Jardin de Roses’: Centifolia, Damas, Traviata, Red Eden, Alba, and Gallica.

The wine has some lovely fresh fruit – grapefruit and strawberry – aromas, and of course, some lovely floral notes too. It’s fruity yet subtle, and will totally transport you to a rose garden somewhere in France if you close your eyes and imagine hard enough. Maybe stick the heating on too… summer doesn’t seem to have got the memo in the UK.

Which bottle will you be trying first?

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