5 Hottest Kitchen Gadget Deals on Amazon UK

These nifty bits of kit will take your cooking to the next level

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Gadgetry: the small things that make life so much easier. They can be simple or complex; niche or ubiquitous. But what unites them all is an ability to simplify and improve the processes of daily life. With that, here are 5 gadgets that will affect your cooking. Some are subtle adaptations of classics, whilst others open up entirely new culinary opportunities, and all of them are on offer right now on Amazon UK. Read on to see some of the biggest reductions in kitchen gadgets and gismos on Amazon right now!

Joseph Joseph Chop-to-Pot

This nifty bit of design brings an end to the familiar issue of losing bits of veg when transferring from chopping board to pot. With its ingenious folding mechanism, this chopping board turns into a giant scoop which can be emptied neatly into your saucepan.

This handy piece of kit is currently reduced from £18 to £14.40 – a 20% discount – so consider this if your chopping board is looking tired.

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker

Many will see this as an excessive thing to buy. And yes, they’re bulk, and take some effort to use, and you might only get it out three times a year. But worth it even so. I was gifted one of these and it has changed the way I cook: pasta has gone from a lazy midweek meal to a dinner-party showstopper. And it’s not all for the sake of virtuosity; homemade pasta just tastes so much better.

Get some artisanal loveliness into your life with this highly reputed pasta maker, currently available with 22% off. It’s been reduced from £64.90 to £50.65, so make the most of this saving while you still can.

Find it on Amazon UK here.


I once asked a friend who was a professional chef what her favourite kitchen gadget was. Without hesitation she said it was a mandoline. They allow you to slice, grate and shred with precision and consistency at speed; perfect for a commercial kitchen or homecooks looking to speed things up in the kitchen.

This one is currently on offer with 30% off the original price! Now only £24.99, reduced from £35.89, this will be a welcome addition to any home cook’s arsenal.

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Microplane Zester

Found in any commercial kitchen for a reason. This is a utensil for chefs who need a sharp, well designed zester. It’s hard to quantify how much better this is than the small grater section on your average four sided grater, but when your using it you’ll be in no doubt that it is. It also works well for grating parmesan, which it grates to make a light, fluffy coverage over your food. This ensures maximum surface area of the gratings for maximum taste!

Currently this kitchen essential is available with 26% off, reduced from £17.95 to £13.29. Make the most of this offer while it lasts!

Find it on Amazon UK here.

Full Spec Digital Thermometer

This last kitchen gadget is seriously high tech. It’s a digital thermometer, perfect for precisely cooking meat and other dishes, but they ought to have called this the ‘bells and whistles’ edition. Because it’s also got.. a companion app. That’s right. The future is now. This means you can monitor the heat of your barbeque whilst you sit indoors (very useful if you live in England).

This has been reduced fro £59.99 to only £24.99! A 58% discount, on a product that will take your cooking, indoors or out, to the next level.

Find it on Amazon UK here.

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