5 Italian dishes to survive the summer

    It's hot, and nobody wants to cook. Here are some quick summer dishes

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    Here we are: the air has become glue, and I have an unhealthy desire to shave my hair. Summer is so tiring. In Milan, we are close to 40°, and in this heat, nobody wants to cook.

    So how to survive the summer? Here are some quick, easy and tasty dishes to prepare.

    1. Insalata di riso – Rice salad

    The rice salad is straightforward, and the only time you have to face the stove is to cook the rice. And if you want to make it even easier, there are pre-made dressings available, but they are not necessary. You can put whatever you want: cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, peas in a jar, diced ham, wurstel, corn, tuna. All raw, no cooking needed. Practical, isn't it?

    2. Insalata di pasta – Pasta salad

    Same principle as the previous dish, but instead of rice we use pasta. Olives, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, tuna and pesto are great with pasta. You're only limited by your imagination.

    3. Panzanella – Bread salad

    We have already talked about this delicious dish here:


    It is a salad in which old bread is recovered. Very simple to prepare and really tasty. And you don't have to cook anything.

    4. Prosciutto e melone – Ham and melon

    Ok, I admit it: in my opinion it is an overrated dish, but I tell you about it because Italians like it very much. You don't have to cook anything, you just have to buy a ripe yellow melon and high quality raw ham, preferably Parma Ham.

    You can serve it as you can see in the picture (but with more slices of ham), or you can create skewers with pieces of melon and slices of ham, you can also create a nest of ham and put some squares of melon inside it. Here too the limit is creativity.

    5. Carpaccio di bresaola – Bresaola Carpaccio

    You need quality ingredients for this one: bresaola and Parmigiano Reggiano. And obviously the rocket. Carpaccio should be seasoned with oil, for those who want a little lemon, pepper or balsamic vinegar. And even in this case, the stove remains off.

    Italian summer dishes are many and delicious, but they require cooking and a fairly long preparation. I am reminded of the aubergine parmigiana, the stuffed courgettes, the fried courgette flowers and much more... but it's hot, so today we are happy with one of these quick dishes.

    Which one do you like the look of the most?

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    Comments (15)

    • They all sound and look delicious.

        3 months ago
    • Ohhhh, bresaola carpaccio any day. Hunks of Parmigiano Reggiano... really good quality olive oil. Perfetto!

        3 months ago
    • We're almost dying here in Naples think 😂

        3 months ago
    • They all look phenomenal! I'm not that much of a fan of rice salad, so I'd probably leave that one out but I'd be happy to take all the rest 😊 Luckily it's not quite that hot in my country, although the forecast sees 34° later today, so I'm going to the Netherlands with friends and we'll be having a nice BBQ there. Some heavy drinking will probably happen as well if the ladies don't stop us 😁

        3 months ago
    • They all look delicious, thank you for sharing. Even in Blighty it was 37C yesterday and nobody fancied cooking. A sweet, juicy melon with salty ham sounds Bob on to me at the moment 😀

        3 months ago