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5 last minute gourmet stocking fillers for the foodie in your life

Hurry! It's your last chance to order Christmas gifts online today

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It's always the way. You may have been probably pretty organised with your Christmas shopping this year and that you had it all wrapped. So why do you feel something is missing?

Perhaps the foodie in your family has been dropping last minute hints about a gourmet spice grinder or luxe truffle oil they can't go into the new year without? If their stocking is looking a little baggy, step away from the satsumas! There are more inventive ways to top up their gifts.

To​day is officially the last day we can order online and still expect a delivery in time for 25 December and so we have five foodie treats to quickly stuff into that over-sized sock.

W​hite Truffle Oil (100ml) £8.95

A​mason.co.uk/ Truffle Hunter

A​mason.co.uk/ Truffle Hunter

This neat little bottle of golden liquid is made with a high quality mix of white truffle oil and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Cold-pressing ensures delicate flavours and aromas are not damaged by heat and creates a blend that's twice the strength of other truffle oils.

It has an intense garlic aroma and powerful white truffle flavour with a gentle olive oil finish. Use it sparingly by adding a few drops to dress salads, or to give pasta dishes and risotto a bit of a gourmet spin. With a shelf life of 13 months it might even last until next Christmas! Might.

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Scottish Crowdie cheese making kit £22.50



Scottish Crowdie cheese is said to be the most ancient cheese in the Highlands and dates back to Viking and Pictish times when it was traditionally made by slowly warming a bucket of milk —straight from the cow — by a fire until it soured and curdled. Hmmm.

This starter kit offers a much simpler and quicker way to recreate this cheese and includes recipes for the smooth and creamy versions as well as crumblier interpretations. There’s enough ingredients to make 12 batches of the stuff, with each weighing around 900g.

Plus Scottish Crowdie cheese can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, and is historically eaten on oatcakes before a Ceilidh as it was said to alleviate the effects of whisky drinking.

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Salt & pepper gift set £45

A​mazon.co.uk/ Cole & Mason UK

A​mazon.co.uk/ Cole & Mason UK

S​alt and pepper mills, but not just any salt and pepper mills: Cole & Mason has a century of expertise in salt and pepper mechanisms behind it, which will ensure there will be no creeky noises or half-hearted seasoning over dinner from this pair.

The foodie in your life will be pleased to discover each of the mills feature adjustable levels of grinding to suit a person's exact seasoning needs – and we know how much they vary! – choose from extra fine to coarse with a simple twist.

The finishes are also pretty, like this rustic stainless steel copper-look design, which is likely to guarantee no salty reactions when opened on Christmas morning! Buy it now here.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine £99.99

A​mazon.co.uk / Hotel Chocolat

A​mazon.co.uk / Hotel Chocolat

We know this may seem be a little extravagant for a last-minute stocking filler, but if you are feeling flush it will gain you serious brownie points from chocolate obsessed loved ones. It's called The Velvetiser and is from Hotel Chocolat for crying out loud, gourmet all the way!

E​xpect barista quality hot chocolate, as served in Hotel Chocolate cafes, but at home. It comes with 10 single serve hot chocolate sachets from milky to salted caramel and 85% dark. No powders or syrup are included, just straight up chocolate. Plus two rather fancy ceramic cups to drink it out of. We're sold.

B​uy it now here.

Linen Bread Baguette Bags £12.99 (for two)

A​mazon.co.uk/ Bread Story

A​mazon.co.uk/ Bread Story

We don't know about you, but we frequently walk into the Food Tribe kitchen and think ​"wow our artisanal baguettes look so under dressed today!" It's exactly why we felt these linen bread bags are a worthy stocking filler, if only to solve this daily dilemma for us all. We can only apologise for making such a tardy discovery.

W​e jest, of course. But thinking about it (for several minutes) maybe our bread at home deserves to be treated like it's sitting in a Parisian bakery? Why should our coffee be allowed such shop-bought illusions of grandeur and not le pain?

Apparently these are great for home-baked baguettes too, so your gift may even encourage some creative baking — kitchens you know and love will look and smell better because of you.

Buy them here now.

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