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5 reasons a new fridge will change your life forever

So you think you have your fridge sussed? Move over

5d ago

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It's the most chilled out part of your household. The big white unit that stands proud in the kitchen and you probably don’t give it much thought. You fill it up with delicious food, open it every day on multiple occasions and clean it when something gooey leaks.

M​uch like other old faithfuls that we rely on at home and constantly take for granted (the coffee machine or a beloved partner, for example), your fridge probably comes with its faults. It keeps things cool, yes, but why does it insist on hiding things so well they turn to mush and end up in the bin? If we had a pound!

But what if a Liebherr appliance could change your life for the better? We're not saying you need it to change. From what we can gather you're killing it, you recycle (most weeks), pay your bills and have great taste in fresh flowers. Yet, there's always room for improvement. And we’ve teamed up with Liebherr to show you just what a difference a new fridge can have on your very existence.

1​. It will make you the coolest party host this summer

B​ig claims! We've gone straight in with entertainment. But after the year we've all had inviting friends over for a barbecue or summery garden drinks is a dreamy thought. Please allow us to tell you why a new fridge will make you a cooler host. Puns intended, always.



I​ce, ice, baby!

With Liebherr it's raining ice cubes. Automatically. No more luke warm G&Ts for your guests! The IceMaker feature produces up to 130 ice cubes a day, providing plenty of ice for aperitifs, cocktails and soft drinks. The MaxIce feature, will produce more ice cubes if more guests arrive.

Meanwhile the freezer tray allows fruit, herbs and other sensitive foods to freeze individually for easy portioning (perfect for your mojitos and Pimms prep). The VarioSafe feature offers optimal space for smaller food items such as tasty condiments and salad dressings. Hmmm burgers.

2. Y​ou worry about food waste and now you can stop!

We use a fridge every day. They have long been an essential part of our lives and should be as simple to use and convenient as possible. Glad we are clear on that. It's exactly why Liebherr develop fully integrated appliances that impress with their ease of use, clarity and flexibility.

Ultimately what we want is our fridge to keep food cool and fresh. Storing groceries in ideal climatic conditions not only ensures extra-long freshness and storage time, it also makes a substantial contribution to avoiding food waste.



Liebherr appliances offer a perfect combination of integrated freshness technologies. With the BioFresh technology, for example, your carrots will stay fresh for 40 days, apples for 30 days, cabbage for 12 days, and kiwi fruit for 48 days! That's almost seven weeks!

BioFresh keeps food stored at
 a temperature just above 0 °C, cooler than 
in the rest of the fridge. With the perfect humidity,
 fruit and vegetables stay fresh for longer in the airtight Fruit & Vegetable safe. While meat, fish and dairy products are also 
in a good place in the Meat & Dairy safe.

T​he latest feature, or the freshest feature shall we say, is HydroBreeze: The BioFresh Professional. Yes! Now you can refrigerate like a true professional. Thanks to HydroBreeze a fresh, cold mist guarantees crisp freshness and gives a special wow effect for your fruit and veg. Who said you need dry ice to make an entrance?



Want some fresh trivia? Okey doke

Liebherr found inspiration for the HydroBreeze in Salinas Valley, California. Due to the area's proximity to the cool Pacific Ocean, in the summer a fine, humid mist covers the valley and the fields. This prevents the vegetables grown there from drying out. Preach!

3. Y​ou don't use a Nokia 3310 any more

R​emember the promise: a new Liebherr fridge will change your life for the better. Just like your smartphone did many moons ago. You ditched the Nokia brick (RIP snakes) and replaced it with a smartphone that has apps, music and a built in camera. So why are you hanging on to that dated white box in your kitchen?

L​iebherr's new fully-integrated models are ready-to-connect, or if you'd prefer an older model can be "retro-fitted", with the SmartDeviceBox so you can benefit from the SmartDevice app. And what a futuristic world you will enter. You can control your fridge via your Google Home for starters.



How about getting ​important status messages from your fridge sent directly to your phone? For example via DoorAlarm, if the fridge door is left open. The SmartDevice also offers helpful storage tips, access to operating instructions, warranty extensions, several accessories and much more. What it can't do is send funny memes.

4​. Midnight fridge raids made easy

W​hether you are sneaking a spoonful of leftover lasagne late night or have an early start and don't want to wake anyone up Liebherr's SoftSystem tech means the fridge doors close gently and oh so quietly. And telescopic rails on drawers and shelves slide back and forth with barely a sound.

The new LightTower lighting concept illuminates the interior evenly while supporting the glass shelves. But the NightMode feature means the interior is only illuminated with a dimmed light. So after a midnight snack, you can go back to bed quickly and are guaranteed not to fully wake up.



I​f you want to go full MI5 at home opt for a Liebherr fridge hidden behind the panels of a built-in kitchen, it will be inconspicuous and timeless in design. But once you find it and open it, it’s immediately apparent that behind the door lies something very special: your very well lit fresh tasty food. Hurray, there it is!

5. I​t will remember important things for you

Isn't it about time your fridge pulled its weight? We're all busy. Well a Liebherr fridge thinks for you whenever it can. What! It remembers drinks forgotten in the freezer – thanks to the integrated BottleTimer. So those burst Prosecco bottles are a thing of the past.

Do you have a holiday coming up? Hopefully we all will soon. When the time finally comes simply switch your appliance to HolidayMode. This will save energy while you are away.



Thirsty but nowhere near a natural spring?

That's no longer a problem. The InfinitySpring feature supplies a crystal-clear source of water into your kitchen. Now remembering to buy heavy crates and plastic bottles of water are history. This means less back strain and it will free up some storage space in your kitchen.

In fact, the flush-mounted water dispenser is there when it is needed and almost invisible when it’s not. What's more, it's suitable for containers of almost any size and also for carafes and bottles. The integrated filter system ensures perfect water quality and you don't even have to turn on a tap!

In case you need more reasons...

A good fridge is a real all-rounder and something you want in your home. As standard Liebherr fridges have low power consumption for optimum energy efficiency, low noise levels and offer plenty of space for your food. While we love you just the way you are, a new fridge will help you be your best self. Promise.

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  • If I stick my head in my fridge for five minutes, will I feel like I've been transported to California? I could really do with that right now...

      5 days ago
  • the most opened door in my house 😅 got to love a good fridge! great write up

      3 days ago