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This burger joint is really *neat*

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Neat Burger is a burger chain restaurant that specialises in meat-free, plant based burgers. They are based off the Beyond Meat brand which offers meat-free burgers as a substitute for a normal burger.

Backed by six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, the chain has only one restaurant open which is just off Regents Street, London.

If you want to know more about my first impressions then read this article about my first visit close to the opening of the store in September 2019:

The point of this article is to focus on specific points on why Neat Burger is worth it - even if you are an avid meat lover. If you want to get an overall impression of Neat Burger and their menu, I'd suggest you read the article above before reading this one.

So without further ado - here are five reasons of why you should visit Neat Burger:

It's good for your gut

Most burgers such as beef, lamb and pork are made from red meat - which is said to be a good source of protein but if consumed excessively, red meat can increase the risk of of bowel (colorectal) cancer.

Neat Burger uses no meat at all. Based off the well-known Honest Burger, Neat Burger had a 100%, fully plant-based and sustainable menu.

As you can see by the poorly taken photo, Neat Burgers: use 99% less water in production, the ingredients used to make the burger take up 93% less land, 90% fewer greenhouse gases are emitted and growing the plants used for the burgers use 46% less energy.

They also use light egg-free mayonnaise which contains less oils than regular mayo and there is a lot of emphasis of the vegetables used in the burgers - they are plentiful and are also very good for you.

You help support charities

Yes, if you buy a meal at Neat Burger, you could be helping a charity with research. The most notable initiatives that Neat Burger offers on their menu is JustWater.

The JustWater bottle was a product founded by Jaden Smith, son of famous actor Will Smith, and in 2012 the launch saw the opening of a foundation of a sustainable company. It would later go on to donate more than $1 million (USD) to making sure arid states in the USA have enough water during very dry seasons.

Another charity supported by Neat Burger is Veganuary. They are an organisation to get meat-eaters to try being vegan for the whole of January, this then hopefully convinces them to eat vegan for the rest of the year. They collaborated with Neat Burger to give these specials on their menu:

The Kimchi Chick’n Burger, a Chick’n Bacon Ranch Salad, a new and improved Double Neat Meat Patty Burger and a Sweet Burger – a cookie ice-cream sandwich with a plant based soft serve in the middle.

It's a great place for vegans!

I think I've made it very clear. This place is great if you are avoiding meat products. The picture above may look like some sort of chicken burger but don't be fooled. This is a completely meat-free meal.

If you are craving some meat then visit MacDonald's but this is a restaurant worth recommending if you are a vegan or trying out a vegan diet.

Most people think that a vegan diet is just eating a leaf of lettuce on a bed of mushrooms but Neat Burger is here to show that vegan food can also be Instagram worthy.

Massive menu improvements

When I first visited Neat Burger in September last year, I went with my friends expecting good grub. I am such a picky eater that sometimes MacDonald's fails to satisfy me. My friends and I were quite disappointed about how weird the food tasted and how we would gladly ditch the vegan lifestyle.

I went back into the Regent Street based restaurant in February 2020 and there were so many changes.

In the space of just a few months, with the help of Veganuary and a few tweaks to seasoning/flavours, Neat Burger looked promising. I went into the restaurant expecting the same ten minute waiting time as usual but this time, I only waited around two minutes until my order was swiftly taken and I payed at the cashless till.

The fries had good salt on them and as for the burger - wow. I got the Chick’n Burger with fries and a chocolate milkshake which was massive. All of these small improvements added up to make my second experience at Neat Burger significantly better than my first visit.

Bravo Neat Burger.

You're saving the world!

If you're going to make a vegan and sustainable food-chain, it's an absolute must to ensure all of your materials are sustainable and have as little effect on the environment as possible. Neat Burger does this exceptionally well.

My enormous milkshake sporting the sustainable seal of approval.

My enormous milkshake sporting the sustainable seal of approval.

The fact that Neat Burger uses no meat is really helpful to the environment. Here are a few reasons why meat/dairy farming is damaging to the environment:

Forests which store carbon are slashed and burned to provide land for grazing and animal feed – livestock farming is the leading cause of deforestation .

There are 1.5 billion cows worldwide producing vast amount of methane .

Huge agricultural machinery is used to grow animal feed which gulps down energy .

Hauling feed and animals around, slaughter, and chilling meat uses even more energy .

Now I'm not saying that you should throw your Big Mac on the floor but there are less environmental effects when farming for meat-free, plant-based produce.

Again as you can see this photo from the world's most professional photographer, Neat Burger likes to remind you that you are doing the planet some good - even if it's whilst you're chowing down on your burger. The tray cover reads: Better for animals, better for Earth and better for health. I'd say that's Neat Burger in a nutshell.

Side note - they also have this cool burger chair - very cool.

What's your verdict on Neat Burger? Is it a place you're likely to visit?

Comment what you think in the comments!

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