5 useful tips in Coronavirus times

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It seems all the world is talking about is Coronavirus. I wanted to give some useful tips in Coronavirus times. A little premise might be needed. I live in Italy, the most affected nation after China, where our government decided to shut all non-essential activities and limited the freedom of its citizens to leave their houses. Technically we are allowed to leave our house, but only to buy food and necessary supplies. That may sound like a dystopian scenario, but it is what it is, and only time will tell if it was the right decision or not.

Anyway, let's start from point one!

First: Don't Panic

Not easy I know, as the situation can be a little overwhelming. But don't panic, the world is not going to end, zombies aren't wandering around like in 28 Days Later, and there's no hint we're going to live in a Mad Max-style world. Dolphins haven't left the planet yet (if you get the reference we can totally be friends) so, please don't panic.

Second: Supplies

Even here in our Italian scenario, there is food. I live in Rome, which is quite a big city, right? And there's food for everyone. Shops and supermarkets are open and full of supplies. Home delivery services are still working and you can potentially buy everything you need. You're not going to starve, we are not in war, so read back the first point and don't do raids at the supermarkets, think reasonably and KINDLY. Everyone needs essential supplies like toilet paper, rice and pasta, so leave something for others. After you've stocked up 30 kilos of pasta and a dozen packs of bog rolls for your two-person family household, you will run out of space, and feel like a knob.

Third: Fresh food

A healthy diet is essential. Buy a reasonable amount of fresh food, fruits, and vegetables, as they're rich in vitamins and healthy stuff. I've heard friends abroad telling me that while the markets were out of toilet paper and rice, fresh food and organic markets were full of supplies. This is bonkers right? I mean, even pirates needed fresh fruits to avoid getting sick in the old times... So, use this time to eat more healthy, and cook more with natural ingredients. Time in times of quarantine isn't an issue.

Four: Routine

Routine is important! Keep to a regular schedule even when you're stuck at home. It's essential to keep a good physical and mental health state. If you're forced to stay at home, get out of your pyjamas, wake up at the usual time, wash yourself, and keep eating regular meals. This way, you can occupy the time, feel like a relatively normal human being and take good care of yourself. You don't want to end up not eating at proper times, crunching crisps on the couch all day, and risking putting on some extra kilos so your clothes don't fit anymore.

Five: Cooking!

Be well organised, do your grocery shop wisely, and plan a weekly menu. Once you have all the ingredients you need, you can enjoy cooking, doing all those recipes you usually don't have the time to try. Homemade pasta, homemade pizza or bread, cakes, and so on. Personally, since I'm forced to be home, the quality of our meals got an upgrade.

How are you reacting to the Coronavirus madness?

Are you stuck at home?

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