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5 ways to pimp your yogurt with Arla Skyr

Natural yogurt is delicious, but sometimes you want to take your breakfast or snack to the next level. Let’s show you how...

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It's completely natural to fall into a routine with your day-to-day eating, some even say it's good to have one. Sure, eating at the same times every day is great for your metabolism, but there's nothing worse than just recycling the same quick old recipes, and getting bored of them a week later.

There are only so many cheese and pickle sandwiches a person can eat in a lifetime, and so many things you can put on toast for breakfast. Let's help out with some ideas that will completely pimp up your breakfast and daily snacks.

Spice up your life, Arla Skyr style!

This is where Arla Skyr Natural yogurt comes in. Whether you're new to this high protein Icelandic style yogurt, or you're already a converted fanatic, it's great to have in the fridge and can be used in so many different recipes: from smoothies to marinating meat.

Arla Skyr Natural yogurt is so deliciously thick, it's hard to believe it's fat free. Well believe it, because it's true, along with using four times more milkk than other yoghurts, and all-natural ingredients. We love to see it.

Deliciously thick, smooth and fresh due to its high milk content, Arla Skyr is made according to Icelandic tradition. Arla Skyr Natural yogurt is the perfect base for a refreshing breakfast, snack or dessert substitute – and the topping options are so vast you'll never get bored!

From berries and seeds to chocolate and banana, here are five different yogurt toppings you can use to break your food routine funk, and fall back in love with kitchen creativity!

1. Arla Skyr with pistachio, raspberry and mint

Nutty, sharp, and refreshing, these toppings are the perfect way to pimp up your Arla Skyr breakfast, giving you that extra spring in your step!

What you need:

Arla Skyr Natural yogurt 450g pot, pistachio nuts (roughly chopped), fresh raspberries, fresh mint leaves (finely chopped).

Divide your Arla Skyr natural yogurt into two bowls (half a tub is one generous serving), scatter with pistachios, raspberries and fresh mint, gaze at its beauty for however long you desire, (or however long you have – didn't anyone ever tell you it's poor manners to turn up late?!) and enjoy!


Why not try roasting your pistachios for some extra nutty goodness?

Arla Skyr with Pistachio, Raspberry and Mint

Refined, refreshing with a hint of sharpness – these subtly sweet and flavourful additions work together to give your Arla Skyr a little lift in the morning

2. Arla Skyr with summer fruits and seeds

Refreshing and full of sweet summer flavours, why not treat yourself to a bowl while you soak up all that morning sun?

What you need:

Arla Skyr Natural yogurt 450g, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.

Divide your Arla Skyr Natural yogurt into two bowls, scatter with the berries and seeds, and give yourself a round of applause for the masterpiece you have created. Really, you're an icon – dig in!

Arla Skyr with Summer Fruits and Seeds

Missing the sunny feel of summer? Why not grab a handful of mixed berries and swirl them in alongside some seeds for a bit of crunch!

3. Arla Skyr with granola and redcurrants

Sharp redcurrants, crunchy sweet granola... name a better combo, we'll wait.

What you need:

Arla Skyr Natural yogurt 450g, granola, redcurrants

Divide your Arla Skyr Natural yogurt between two bowls, and scatter with redcurrants and granola. It's quick, it's easy, and you've just created the tastiest healthiest snack as well. Bonus points if you can make it look as pretty as the picture above. Pat on the back for you!


Fancy making your own granola? Arla Skyr have the recipe!

Arla Skyr with Granola and Redcurrants

Making your own granola is surprisingly straightforward! Try today for a sweet cinnamon kick that goes perfectly with redcurrants and the smooth taste of Arla Skyr

4. Arla Skyr with peaches, toasted almonds and honey

Think peaches and cream, but make it healthy. This is sweet, nutty, fresh and indulgent all at the same time. Why not have it as an after dinner treat?

What you need:

Arla Skyr Natural yogurt 450g, runny honey, toasted almonds, peaches (sliced)

Divide your Arla Skyr Natural yogurt into two bowls, put your sliced peaches on top, scatter with almonds and drizzle with honey. Who needs brownies or cake for dessert? Not you, that's for sure.


Why not try gently grilling your peaches in a bit of butter?

5. Arla Skyr with banana, dark chocolate and coconut

Bananas and chocolate are a match made in heaven – scatter some coconut on them, and you've got yourself a delicious tropical treat!

What you need:

Arla Skyr Natural yogurt, 1 banana (sliced), between 2-4 cubes of dark chocolate (either melted or roughly chopped), desiccated coconut / coconut shavings.

Divide your Arla Skyr Natural yogurt between two bowls and place on the banana pieces. Scatter (or drizzle) the dark chocolate and coconut on top, and dig in! Who needs banana pancakes?

What are your favourite yogurt toppings?

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  • It's like Pimp Your Beans, but people might actually want to eat these 😂!

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  • Didn't realise you could do so much with yogurt!

      8 days ago
  • Gosh. There's so much more I could be doing with my skyr yogurt than just blueberries...THANKS! 💙😍💙

      8 days ago