5 weirdest Seafood items on 'Good Mythical Morning'

What are some of the fishiest things that have appeared on this YouTube series?

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'Good Mythical Morning' is a very popular YouTube show hosted by lifelong friends Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.

The taller one is Rhett, and the shorter one with glasses is Link. They run various features on the series including 'Taste Test', where they try different and often strange food items which have been made exclusively for the comedic duo by a chef.

They also do 'Will It?' episodes, where they try to incorporate different flavours into a popular food item. Bubblegum on pizza anyone? As you can imagine, that wasn't a huge success.

Through all the weird and somewhat revolting food they've tested, there have been some memorable seafood dishes.

Here is a look at their five fishiest moments:

5. Fish Guts Slip-N-Slide

Fish guts. Not everyone's cup of tea. In this episode, the curious couple trial various items to see which is the slipperiest... Items used include: banana peels; streaky bacon; talcum powder and Tide Pods.

As if that wasn't enough, the pair decided to try sliding through fish guts. The sides of the slide were also marked out by the head of a fish... an orange cone is far too conventional

Fish guts are used in some interesting products. In May 2017, Irish beer brewer Guinness announce it would stop using fish bladders in the production of its famous beverage. The bladders are used in a gelatinous substance to filter yeast and other unwanted solids from beer.

4. Fillet-O-Shrimp

The 'International Taste Test' sees Rhett and Link eating food items from across the globe. They are then given a map marked with the possible countries where the food could be from.

Here is a map from this episode

Here is a map from this episode

The pair then have to throw a dart at the map. Closest to the right country wins.

This Fillet-O-Shrimp was tested by the duo and they were amazed by it. The burger, which is sold in McDonald's restaurants in Japan, is stuffed with panko battered and fried shrimp. The patty is served on a sesame bun with lettuce, minced onion and Mac sauce.

Rhett thought this was from Malaysia and Link thought it was from Australia.

Would you have guessed Japan?

3. Sursrtömming with PewDiePie

Sursrtömming is a sour fish normally eaten raw in Sweden during the summer. Rest assured, this is not a particularly nice smelling dish. When Link opened the tin of the Swedish delicacy, it was described by Rhett as, "the worst fart in the history of humankind."

If that doesn't put you off, during the production of surströmming, just enough salt is used to prevent the raw herring from rotting while allowing it to ferment. A fermentation process of at least six months gives the fish its characteristic strong smell and somewhat acidic taste.

Rhett and Link trialled this peculiar fish with YouTube royalty PewDiePie. Being Swedish himself, PewDiePie is no stranger to this midsummer treat and warns the other two about the strong smell.

Would you try this form of pickled herring?

2. Octopus tentacle

Most people say you can't be a proper seafood connoisseur until you've tried octopus. The experimental duo took this to a whole new level by playing a game in which they were smelling something and eating another thing.

The point of this test was to observe how smell influences how food tastes. Combinations featured in this video are: tuna and brownies; coffee beans and tomatoes; rubbing alcohol and rolled peanuts; air freshener and pickle; and Gorgonzola and octopus.

Rhett took the stench of the cheese and the chewy texture of the tentacle very well, whereas his co host failed to even swallow the tentacle and spat it out over the floor.

Link said, "I don't even want to know what that was."

1. Cod sperm dumpling

This unusual and gross food item is again part of the 'Will It?' series. In the 'Will It Dumpling?' episode, Rhett and Link tried various versions: marshmallows, pizza, protein powder, leather... and cod sperm.

This Japanese delicacy is called 'Shirako' which translates to 'white children'. In English, we would call this 'milt'. The dumpling was steamed for twelve minutes and tasted absolutely horrible. As you can see by the first photo, neither of the adventurous pair enjoyed their last meal of the episode.

Would you try it?

What's the strangest seafood item you've tried?

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