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500 gallons of chicken fat covers Mississippi's streets following accident

It made it rather slippy for motorists in the area

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Police were called to the streets of New Albany, Mississippi last week to deal with more car accidents than normal. It turns out this was due to a mass chicken fat accident where 500 gallons were spilt all over the road.

This is an icy road not dried chicken fat

This is an icy road not dried chicken fat

Many drivers explained the feeling as being similar to driving on ice, but little did they know it was actually chicken juices they were sliding on.

According to police, there had been some kind of issues unloading the chicken fat from a lorry and the top hatch on the tank may not have been secured as it should have been – resulting in a big spillage.

So, if you're driving in New Albany, Mississippi and think it's a little bit slippy on the roads, then it's likely to be 500 gallons of chicken fat under your tyres. In the meantime, dirt has been poured on the roads to try and make the road more grippy.

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