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6 beers FoodDevourrs have been drinking this week

We're all still mostly cooped up. Might as well share to the world how we're drowning our 'rona sorrows

MT Blake posted in Beer
37w ago

Here on FoodDevour we have the long standing tradition of showcasing each other's culinary delights, especially when it comes to alcohol.

Over the past couple of months, we've seen our fair share of toilet paper, yeast, and cleaning product shortages, but we haven't had to deal with beer shortages... yet.

I believe the stock piling of beer might be the only thing holding this world together right now. So, with that in mind – let's take a look at what our FoodDevourrs are drinking!

Valentina Testa

This lady knows how to pick her beers. And apparently she is more expert than you and I. She isn't drinking one beer. She is drinking seven! I applaud her enthusiasm and effort. This is how you drink people. Do as Valentina has done. Don't try one – try them all!

I frankly haven't had five out of the seven she writes about. I've had Moretti and Peroni - both of which are available to me locally in northern California. I had no idea Peroni was part of the Asahi group either!

Alessandro Renesis

This gentleman is apparently drinking Guinness the wrong way. Or is he? I have always heard that bottled and canned Guinness is just not the same as straight from the pub. I'll be honest and say I've never really paid attention. It has been rare for me to find it on tap. Those times I've had it on tap it has usually been with an 'Irish Car Bomb'... everything from there is downhill.

Scott Nadeau

No Scott, I have never had this but, I really want to try it! You had me at Dragon and then after I saw 11% ABV (?!!!) I was hooked. There is nothing quite like having a high ABV beer that borders on wine levels of intoxication. Two of these and you might be mistaking those in the room as large lizards?! Kinda like 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'? I must find out...

Scott writes that this is definitely a dark beer for dark beer kind of people. He adds that it is somewhere between a 'beer and mixed drink'. I would agree with you - all the high ABV beers I've tried seem to start to taste that way - they become almost syrupy.

Michiel Bakker

Michiel has also been trying out multiple beers. Pictured is one of the two posted recently to the beer tribe! Look at the foam on this beer. Patience is required to let this one settle, unless you enjoy a foamy mustache.

Michiel writes about how one of the breweries has an internship program to teach the next generation how to brew in 'traditional and in limited quantities'. I'd love to do a brewing internship one day. Sign me up!

Kimi M

We couldn't end this list without one Corona submission. It is too appropriate for our current situation. Was anyone shocked to see Corona's sales tank once the virus struck around the world? I wasn't particularly...

Shivaum Punjabi

Last but never least, Shivaum asks a simple question, "Is this the right way to pour a beer?" This man has an honest soul to be brave and ask a seemingly simple question. I guess it depends on where you are in the world. Do you enjoy the carbonation? Do you want your beer to rest? Is the pouring part of the ceremony?

I've always heard it depends on the beer and the glass used. Guinness has a whole ceremony behind it that I quite enjoy. I don't believe there is a wrong way to pour a beer. Don't believe me? I'll argue any day that there is no wrong way to consume alcohol! If it gets the job done, it's a job well done!

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