6 delicious updates from FoodDevour bakers in lockdown

There's still a lot of news to catch up with...

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49w ago

The Baking Tribe is still going strong in yet another week of lockdown. This week, there are several news updates to get to, so let's take a look at what our FoodDevourrs have been working on.

Why is cheesecake underrated?

Marcel Da Silva Brito gives us three solid reasons why cheesecake is an underrated dessert, and we have to agree with all of them. You can read his reasons here.

Most searched quarantine recipes...in the world

Bakers new and old have been spending all their extra time in the kitchen. While not all top-searched recipes are strictly baking ones, there are plenty. Clare Wiley reports the Top 10 global searches.

Getting ready for berry season

Strawberries are almost in season, yet they're short-lived. Doug Smith took advantage of the season and whipped up a fresh strawberry crisp. Doug's recipe is featured here.

Jane Fyffe had some ripe blackberries and made a scrumptious blackberry pie using a homemade crust. Blackberry season peaks in mid-July, but you're sure to find perfectly sweet ones all year round. Check out Jane's post here.

A magical birthday cake

We've seen so many amazing homemade birthday cakes happen during these lockdown days, but this Harry Potter cake posted by Caravan Larry was made by his 12 year old daughter for her little brother, and she did a wonderful job. We wish the little one many well wishes on his birthday!

A baking quiz to pass the time

Step right up and test your baking knowledge with this ultra-challenging quiz by Patrick Jackson. I might have to study a little harder next time.

Flour power

James Howell-Jones reports on a nifty map created by the National Association of British and Irish Millers to help bakers find the much in-demand baking necessity. The mappings point to bakeries and wholesalers who are currently struggling to sell their products to closed businesses. Read the full scoop here.

Good news

To end the week on some good news, James Lewis reports on an old Dorset flour mill reopening after 50 years to help replenish the flour supply in the UK. Lovely news for their mill and for bakers across the UK.

Thanks again to the Baking Tribe for all their wonderful posts!

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  • That was a great post full of wonderful food. Good job 👍

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  • Great article, Amanda :) Thank you very much for including the good old New York Cheesecake.

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  • Something else? Pizza dough.

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