6 of the best dishes FoodDevourrs have been cooking up this week

Another slice of foodie inspo, courtesy of the FoodDevour community

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you some of the best examples of home cooking FoodDevourrs have been posting here on the site while stuck at home in lockdown. And, with restrictions still in place in many countries, people being stuck at home has led to even more fancy feasts being made – and more importantly, shared – here on FoodDevour.

I've put together another roundup of inspiring dishes to hopefully get your creative juices flowing as you embark on some culinary adventures in your own kitchen.

Here are six of the most interesting dishes people have been making – from regional delights you might not have heard of, to creations that are completely unique.

Pizza bianca with potato, gorgonzola, and rosemary

Jonas Christian Hansen shared this beautifully rustic pizza bianca recipe (pizza bianca being a traditional Italian white pizza), which he topped with thinly-sliced potatoes and rosemary, along with the odd chunk of gorgonzola for some added blue cheese tang. As he notes in his post, this is an incredibly simple recipe to make up for a weekday dinner, but one that still delivers when it comes to flavour.

Crêpes Suzette

Simona Poláková shared a great recipe for Crêpes Suzette – a traditional French dessert that pairs crêpes with a sweet beurre Suzette sauce (consisting of caramelised sugar, orange juice, and your choice of a few alcohol options for flambéing purposes). Proceed with caution on the last step, of course, lest you singe your eyebrows.

Thai-inspired bay scallop curry

Kelly Harvel came up with this unique and very colourful creation – a bay scallop curry that included spinach, carrots, onions and garlic, and was paired with some Thai basil rice.

Steak with mojo verde

Rob Harris whipped up a picture-perfect plate of steak with mojo verde. While steak you'll obviously already know about, that sauce is something you might not have heard of before. With mojo originating in the Canary Islands, the particular version Rob made up, mojo verde, quite literally means 'green sauce.'

Pasta with truffle and asparagus

Simon Bingham made what I can only imagine was a very flavour-packed dish – spaghetti paired with truffle and asparagus, along with some mushrooms and pine nuts. This dish is certainly one for the lovers of strong flavours out there!


Natali Eleftheriou made her own take on Greek kolokithokeftedes, which are flavoursome and light courgette (zucchini) fritters that make for a perfect side dish. They're naturally vegetarian, but are easily made vegan, as Natali did with hers.

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  • Very nice! Pizza Bianca is on my list to fix.

      8 months ago
  • Very nice. There is some amazing food here.

      8 months ago