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6 steps to finding your perfect match (yes, we’re talking about fridges)

If food is the way to your heart, how are you going to find love without the perfect fridge?

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There is nothing like knowing you’ve found the perfect fridge for you. After all, they hold the key to your heart, right? If food is your love language like it is ours, you’ll understand that the process of choosing the right well-built, tech-savvy specimen is harder than you think. You need them to be reliable, resourceful, and ideally sporting BioFresh technology that keeps foods rich in vitamins and minerals fresh for longer. Is that too much to ask?

Liebherr appliances know how hard it can be to choose the ideal fridge. This top appliance company prides itself on its wide range of fridges and freezers, with a diverse selection making for some indulgent scrolling when it comes to narrowing down your search.

We’ve teamed up with Liebherr to create the ultimate fridge/freezer buying guide, to make things a little easier. It features all of the questions you should be asking yourself before you commit to the new refrigerator in your life. After all, it is the most opened door in your whole house!

Step 1: Look inside (of yourself)

Opening the fridge door may be your first instinct as you’re browsing the aisles in a department store. It’s very satisfying to smell the plastic wrapping on the inside of a brand spanking new fridge (anyone else?! Just us?!)… But for our first top tip on how to choose the right refrigerator, we urge you to instead, look inside of yourself.

It's a general rule of thumb to take a little reccy of yourself before embarking on any kind of relationship. The same goes for fridges and freezers. What does your life call for in terms of general food preservation?

Take a look inside of your fridge

Take a look inside of your fridge

How often do you eat food from the fridge? Do you find yourself eating out a lot – or ordering in a lot – and not really visiting the fridge all that much? According to Liebherr, food’s shelf life is determined firstly by its freshness, and then by the temperature and humidity at which it is stored.

For this reason, Liebherr developed its BioFresh technology, which stores food at just above 0°C, with the support of high-precision electronics. If you spend a lot of time storing food instead of replenishing it, a fridge sporting Liebherr’s high-tech Biofresh technology is probably for you.

Equally as important as the food inside your fridge, is the food you keep in your freezer. Liebherr's StopFrost technology significantly reduces ice formation in the freezer compartment and on frozen goods, so you don't have to defrost so often and you'll know just how fresh your produce is. There definitely won't be any more pulling out a random entirely frosted over box of something, which takes hours to thaw out, only to find out it wasn't something you wanted to eat anyway.

Size matters? Practicality and food consumption are very important

It may be a controversial opinion, but when we’re talking fridges and freezers, size does in fact matter. How big is the space you’re looking to fill, and how much food do you eat? Both of these questions will determine what kind of appliance you should be looking into.

So, if you’re not working with that much surface area and need a small and compact fridge for your needs, there are certain things you should be taking into account. You also need to think about ventilation.

Liebherr says, “A refrigerator needs sufficient space for proper ventilation, both above it and below. Without adequate ventilation, warm air accumulates and the compressor runs continuously, which impairs the appliance’s service life.” They recommend a ventilation space of at least 200 cm² for your fridge of choice and even more if you want greater efficiency from the appliance.

So, how do you work out what size fridge you need? This depends on two things: 1. How many people live in your household and use the fridge, and 2. How often do you buy/eat food? Liebherr suggests as a general rule of thumb: households with one or two people need a net capacity of about 70 to 100 litres. For households with more than three people, you should add another 40/50 litres for each person.

If you're looking for a fridge that's slim in size but bigger on the inside, Liebherr's new generation BluPerformance gives more capacity for a similar footprint. The tech here is integrated into the plinth of the fridge (that's a fancy fridge word for 'base', btw.) This allows for lots more room within the actual fridge itself. BluPerformance fridges are also extremely energy efficient, which we know is really important to a lot of you.

Go too big, and you may find yourself wasting a lot of space. Too small and you’ll find yourself wanting to hide your housemate’s mouldy lettuce under her pillowcase!

Step 3: “It’s what’s on the inside that matters”

Layouts. Storage and organisation! It’s all well and good taking something at face value, but what’s most important is the inner workings of a human being you’re looking to spend the foreseeable future with... wait, we mean fridge. To ice or not to ice? Wine rack? Um, yes.

What’s going to be the layout that suits you best? Some people like things complicated. Is that you? Or do you appreciate an open book?

Jokes aside, fridge and freezer organisation is hugely important. With professional techniques going viral on YouTube and many sticking to the well-loved date rotation method, food storage is now at the top of many people’s agendas.

And for good reason. In 2019 it was reported that in the UK, a third of all food we buy gets wasted, with 70% of this waste occurring in the home. WRAP estimates that this equates to 6.6 million tonnes of food each year, of which 4.5 million tonnes is perfectly edible.

The UIKo 1560’s ergonomic pull out fridge drawer brings your food in reach.

The UIKo 1560’s ergonomic pull out fridge drawer brings your food in reach.

With this in mind, It’s important to invest in a fridge that treats organisation and layout as a priority. Liebherr has tailored its designs to consumers’ needs, including highly functional pull-out shelves and pull-out drawers with full extension (on the UIKo 1550 and UIKo 1560 models, if we’re getting technical. These two models bring the food to you).

Liebherr has also introduced The LiftUp-Box. This utilises the space underneath a regular fridge drawer and allows for extra storage. We’ll agree with Liebherr’s description of that as ‘simply ingenious’.

And if you're worried your fruit and veg may be getting squashed, Liebherr has the FlexSystem in place in its BioFresh drawers, providing flexible storage for loose berries and the like, making sure those naked fruit and veggies are safe and sound.

LiftUp-Box in the UIKo 1560 from Liebher

LiftUp-Box in the UIKo 1560 from Liebher

We know it can be hard, but look past the shiny exterior and always consider what’s on the inside before buying!

Step 4. Do your lifestyles match up?

Yes, we’re talking built-in. Are you two beings perfectly flush with one another? Or does one of you need to be free standing in this relationship?

You have a few options here, do you want your fridge to be the centrepiece of the kitchen? Free standing and independent, or do you want to hide your fridge among all of your other amenities.

This step is not to be overlooked. Deciding whether you want to integrate your fridge may be a decision that plagues you for years if you make the wrong one, so spend some time mulling it over.

If you’re leaning towards a built-in fridge, it’s good to know Liebherr built-in refrigerators come with an array of well thought out features: they are suitable for niche sizes ranging from 82cm (built under) to 207cm (ECBN) and they’re available with fixed or sliding doors, or with décor panels plus SoftSystem doors that ensure the door closes gently – even when your fridge is packed full to the brim!

Along with built-in fridges, Liebherr offers a slick range of stand-alone fridges. Libeherr's freestanding models come in a variety of finishes: White, Stainless Steel, and the vibrant ColourLine. You could also opt for BlackSteel – a SmartSteel coating that reduces the visibility of smudges, and is scratch resistant.

Step 5. Cold? Or ice cold? Yes we’re talking fridge-freezers

Finally, it’s time to prioritise your needs. Do you batch cook? Meal plan? Really enjoy the frozen side of things? Or are you all about fresh ingredients, buying food regularly and only ever heading to the freezer for an essential ice cube in your G&T?

Basically, do you need more freezer space than fridge space, or do you use these appliances equally? Liebherr offers a broad range of energy-efficient fridge-freezers with a high level of convenience, and space.

A well stocked freezer can be essential to keeping you on track with your food schedules, Liebherr’s fridge-freezers offer plenty of space for freezing anything you need to keep or save for later – with a wide range of sizes from 72cm to 203cm.

If you are someone that prides yourself on your batch meals and your ready-prepared frozen goods (we all know the type), you may want to opt for a separate fridge/freezer combo.

Liebherr also offers built-in side-by-side appliances. If you’ve always wanted a freezer as big as your fridge, this one's for you!

Characterised by their generous capacity, excellent-quality workmanship, and innovative features that help food to stay fresh and retain its quality, the side-by-side model is great for homes that need a lot of storage for refrigerated and frozen goods.

Step 6: You want a little extra?!

You're almost at the end of the process. You've shopped around, worked out your priorities, but you've not seen that extra little spark that really grabs your attention. Sometimes all it takes is a small feature – or maybe a luxury ice machine – to seal the deal?

Liebherr have your back when it comes to adding something a little special to your order. For example, their plumbed-in IceMaker generates up to a maximum of 1.3kg in a 24-hour period and stores up to 2.7kg, meaning you will never be without ice for your guests. Arguably the most important part of a drink!

Equally as impressive, Liebherr's top of the range model, The Monolith, sports the InfinitySpring; a seamless, flush-mounted water dispenser that is almost invisible when not in use.

The InfinitySpring

The InfinitySpring

Time to shop

You’ve made it to the end. You are now well equipped to make all refrigerator decisions moving forward. We trust you’ll make the correct judgements, and wish you all the best in your hunt for the perfect appliance.

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