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7 festive v​egan desserts to buy before Christmas

Adopting a plant based diet doesn't mean giving up your sweet tooth

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You may have noticed: 2019 was the year everyone went, or attempted to go vegan. Be it for health reasons, climate change, animal welfare or purely taste-bud driven (vegan desserts are delicious!) plant-based diets became a thing and 2019 is the year veganism went mainstream with retailers jumping on the "free from" bandwagon with wild abandon.

Let us not forget this was the year we all totally lost it over Gregg's vegan sausage roll. A sausage roll. That's not even a sausage roll. McDonald’s has started selling McVegan burgers this year and has announced the launch of its first ever vegan meal, approved by The Vegan Society, in time for Veganuary 2020.

Meanwhile research conducted by UK supermarket Asda found a third of people (30%) were more open to vegan food in 2019, compared to 2018. Wide open it seems, especially when vegan, in dessert form at least, is served dipped in sugar and completely guilt-ridden.

As we prepare for the biggest feast of the year — Christmas dinner y'all — we take a look at the most indulgent and diet destroying puddings on offer for vegans with a sweet tooth and the plant-curious followers among us. If it tastes this good, who needs dairy?

ASDA Extra Special Vegan Chocolate & Caramel Swirl Dessert £3 (for two)



The claim is already high on calling these "extra special", but these nonetheless the Extra Special Vegan Chocolate and Caramel Swirl Dessert are rather unique and gooey.

Shaped in a traditional Bundt style and with golden dusting the swirls contain a luxurious vegan caramel sauce with a rich dairy-free chocolate mousse, encased in a dark Belgian chocolate shell. Perfect for an extra special indulgence after dinner, we'd agree.

B​ad Brownie VEGAN CHRISTMAS 12 BITE Brownie BOX £12



I​t's hard to believe even by looking at these brownies but they are dairy and gluten-free, and still somehow made with Belgian dark chocolate, which gives then a rich and fudgier texture.

There are 12 in a box and three different flavours made by London-based bakery Bad Brownie. The "After eight" bites are quite something — a coating of dark chocolate that makes way for sweet sticky mint fondant with a 70% dark chocolate brownie at the core.

The spiced clementine brownie is covered in zesty flavoured dark chocolate and topped with vegan ganache and crystallised orange peel, while the salted caramel is two dark chocolate vegan brownies, sandwiched with — you guessed it — salted caramel at its gooey best.

Plant Kitchen M&S chocolate and cherry dessert, £10 (serves six)

M​&S Dessert

M​&S Dessert

Marks and Spencer launched its first vegan offering in January this year as new comprehensive range: Plant Kitchen. With over 60 meat and dairy-free plant based items, from ready-meals to snacks, specific vegan-friendly ingredients and plant proteins. The range includes a vegan mac 'n' cheese so it's no huge surprise they tackled indulgent puddings too.

T​his chocolate and cherry dessert is for six people, but the only way to serve it, it appears, is to spoon it out of its plastic container like one big mousse, which is a pity.

The cherry topping is reminiscent of a pie filling, not too sweet, with whole pieces of fruit that burst in your mouth and the perfect combination with the lovely strong chocolate flavour. Note they are only available in store this close to Christmas.

Iceland No Moo Chocolate snow flakes £2 for two



Frozen supermarket chain Iceland has been on it in recent years with our moral zeitgeist what withit's palm-oil free range and accompanying viral campaign stole the show last Christmas. This year they have gone plastic-free, while expanding their vegan range.

Now you can serve vegan guests this single-portion snowflake-shaped dessert with a melting middle and dairy-free chocolate shell. They also do melty vegan chocolate fondants too.

They are pretty small – halfway between a chocolate and a cake, but as super cute little plant-based snowflakes there's value you in the novelty factor as well as the ethical!

Waitrose 6 Vegan Chocolate Tortes £15



W​aitrose were one of the first major players in the UK to launch a full vegan range pushing it out in late 2018 across 125 stores nationwide.

Here we have six individual tortes of rich dark chocolate ganache on a crunchy pine nut, coconut and date base. Suitable, of course, for vegans and vegetarians and an easy win for Christmas dessert — just add fruit or vegan ice-cream.

Violife Christmas Dairy free cheese Pack £5.99



W​e imagine one of the hardest things to accept when going vegan is having to give up a cheese board at Christmas. We're serious about this.

Luckily so are Violife who can help solve this conundrum with their new Christmas dairy-free platters. An essential for seasonal celebrations catering for the new vegans who are still dreaming of cheese (go on admit it) and those who don't know what they are missing.

Round off a plant-based Christmas feast by choosing between delicious Blu Wedge, Cranberry After Dinner and Mature Cheddar Flavour Block. Serve with cheese-board classics such as grapes, crackers and a selection of condiments. And be sure to tell us if it cuts the chutney.

Sainsbury’s raspberry and clementine snowflake jelly, £4 (serves four)



T​his dessert from Sainsburies literally sparkles! A refreshing injection of Christmas fruity fun for vegans used to being served deserts on the duller side.

It's basically clementine and orange flavoured jelly with added raspberries and edible glitter, set in a snowflake mould. We don't see how any one wouldn't enjoy this delight.

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