7 of the most indulgent cake recipes

    For the situations that call for something a bit special, now you can step up

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    We all love a good Victoria sponge or a nice lemon drizzle cake. They are classics and there will always be a place for them – I will almost never turn a slice down.

    But sometimes, occasions call for something a little more special, a bit more challenging, and something with instant wow factor.

    These are some of the most indulgent cakes the web has to offer, so the next time you find yourself in need of a treat that's a bit of a big deal, we've got you covered.

    Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake

    This even sounds special, doesn't it? We love red velvet as much as the next sweet-toothed baker, but it's getting to be just a little overdone now. This stunning alternative has a sweet raspberry flavoured sponge with a raspberry flavoured cream cheese frosting. You can decorate it however you like, but the recipe suggest you use delicate meringues with beautiful pink edible flowers and we really can't argue with that.


    Bruce Bogtrotter's Chocolate Fudge Cake

    This is one of the most memorable things from the movie Matilda. Naughty Bruce is forced to eat an entire chocolate fudge cake as punishment for stealing food but, in absolute honesty, we can scarcely imagine anything better – just look at it.

    This is the most indulgent chocolate cake you'll see, and the recipe is full of cheats and surprises that mean you really can't go wrong with it. We can't think of a more rewarding punishment.

    Stacked applesauce cake

    This is an understated, classy, rustic looking cake that saves all the wow for when you take the first bite. It's a variation on the Kentucky Apple Stack Cake, with three layers of amazing spiced sponge spiked with tangy applesauce, dressed with sweet and spicy cinnamon flavoured whipped cream.

    Our suggestion would be to spread a layer of apple sauce onto the sponges before adding the cream, for an extra dash of indulgence, but leave it as a beautiful naked cake, for all to admire.

    Rose water cake

    If you like a subtle perfumed flavour, this cake is for you. It's not the smack in the face you get with lavender, but it's different enough to intrigue.

    Rose water, surprisingly enough, is just water infused with rose petals, so you can make your own if you're bold, but it's readily available in the shops now. Dial it up or down, depending on your preference, and if you want to temper it a little, consider adding a hint of raspberry, which can cut through it really well.

    In terms of decoration, if your piping skills are up to it, this is decadent and gorgeous and guaranteed to impress. If they're not (mine certainly aren't), we recommend a thin layer of rosewater flavoured butter cream with an entire covering of candied rose petals - simple and effective.

    Cappuccino fudge cheesecake

    When the title of a cake has three of your favourite things in it, you know you are onto a winner. Each element of this cake has been taken to another level to make it as indulgent as you'll find.

    The base isn't just a cheesecake base, it's full of dark brown sugar and nutmeg. The cheesecake itself it cranked up a notch by being floated on a fudgy, boozy, Kahlúa ganache, and then enriched with dark rum and molasses. Judge it by its title and you'll want it. Judge it by the recipe and you'll need it.


    Peppermint Freakshake cake

    This absolute beaut, by Nick Makrides, really is something different and, if you follow the recipe for decorating, it will be the most amazing thing you've ever made. Of course, you can scale it down to suit, but why not go mad and make the whole thing?

    Mint is indulgent. Yes it's in your toothpaste but it's also in After Eights and they have always seen as little extravagances. It's amazing stuff but you hardly ever see it in baking, partly because it's so difficult to balance and get right. This recipe is absolute perfection and will remind you far more of those special individual envelopes than your 8am bathroom sink visit.


    Rainbow Marshmallow cake

    This is both simple and massively impressive. If you're not sure what people are going to like, this is the cake to make. It's basically vanilla cake and marshmallow – you really can't go wrong. If you do know what people like, there is always the option of adding flavour as you like.

    This cake is all about impact. It's big a bold and, if you want it to, it can send a big bold message too. What better way to celebrate Pride?


    What's the most indulgent cake you've ever had or made?

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    • I tried a rose water pastry with lichee, the lichee was a nice touch. I might venture to bake the rose water cake. I hope it will not ended up with soap flavor like my lavender and honey experiment 😂.

        4 months ago
      • Lavender is a really tricky thing to get right, I avoid it at all costs! Let me know if you do the rose water one though, I’m sure it’ll be delicious

          4 months ago
    • I absolutely love ❤️ Cake 🍰

        4 months ago