7 stylish and useful knives for your kitchen

A selection of seven kitchen knives ranging from affordable to mega-expensive

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Style always plays a crucial role in our purchasing decision process. Some would probably say it shouldn't, but it does. Most companies know this and they act accordingly, often making their products stylish, even when the product in question is theoretically supposed to be first and foremost, practical.

Take kitchen knives as a prime example. They're tools designed to serve a very specific purpose, and yet they can be infinitely stylish. And phenomenally expensive. The good news is, you don't have to be called Mr Oliver or Mr Ramsay in order to buy a cool and useful knife for your kitchen. Here's a list of seven practical, good looking and useful knives you can buy on Amazon.

Teclat Kitchen Knife

The knife you see here is made of German stainless steel combined with carbon steel and equipped with an ergonomic, non-slip handle. The blade measures 8 inches and it weighs 480 grams.

An all-purpose knife you can use for anything from fruit and vegetables to fish and meat. The non-stick surface will help you keep it clean and the anti-corrosion treatment makes it durable. And it looks good. Yours for £22.89.

german engineering

Teclat Kitchen Knife - 8 inch Genuine German Stainless Steel

Looks good, chops good

Buy Teclat knife

Mosfiata Chef Knife

Things get a bit more technical with this knife when compared to the previous one because it was designed specifically to be used for tasks that require more finesse and precision. It's made from titanium with added chrome for extra corrosion resistance and an anti-tarnish finish.

The blade measures 8 inches, costs £34.99, and there's a slightly less expensive stainless steel-only version also available. When I say "slightly less expensive", I mean it. The non-titanium variant is only £2 cheaper.

I am Titaaaaaannnniiiuuuummmm

MOSFiATA 8" Chef Knife, Titanium Kitchen KnifE

Chop chop

Buy Mosfiata knife

Fubinaty kitchen knife

The Fubinaty comes with a standard-issue 8-inch blade made from high carbon stainless steel which makes it harder, sharper and more corrosion-resistant. The handle is made from Pakkawood, a type of wood veneer commonly used for knife handles. It's stronger and more durable than standard wood, and less slippery.

It's basically a great all-rounder and it only costs around £20.

Fubinaty, comin' at ye...

Fubinaty 8 Inch Chef Knife Professional Kitchen Knife

8-inch blade made from high carbon stainless steel

Buy Fubinaty knife

Paudin filleting knife

This knife is designed for filleting, skinning and trimming efficiently. It's made from German stainless steel with rust, corrosion and wear-resistance and a razor sharp blade. The handle is made from Pakkawood, also very resistant and usable.

It's not the cheapest option at around £27, but then again, this is a purpose-built knife so all things considered, less than 30 quid is probably adequate and acceptable.

Fillet o' everything

Filleting Knife - PAUDIN 6 Inch Boning Knife

Well-designed boning knife

Buy Paudin knife

Shan Zu kitchen knife

If you love preparing and cooking vegetables or vegetable-based dishes, this is the knife for you. It's made from German stainless steel but it's very light, only 260 grams, and it comes with a Japanese double edge. The cutting edge is super flat, with an angle of 15 °± 1 ° on each side, and the blade is very hard (55-57 HRC) thanks to the high carbon content.

The blade is very wide, so as to prevent the knuckles from hitting the board when you're using it, and it only costs £29.99.

Not designed for arduous work...

SHAN ZU Kitchen Knife Nakiri

"The professional vegetable knife is not designed for sudden movements and arduous work" – Take note

Buy Shan Zu knife

MasterClass kitchen knife

This is a no-nonsense, self-sharpening, all-purpose knife that you can use for just about anything and everything in the kitchen. The sheath has a built-in knife sharpener and the blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel for added durability.

And the best part about it is... the price. It only costs £7.99.

Masterclass is mighty affordable

MasterClass All Purpose Small Kitchen Knife with EdgeKeeper

No-nonsense and self-sharpening

Buy knife

Kiritsuke Damascus Chef knife

It's not a list unless there's a very expensive and fancy element in it. This is it. But don't let the extremely cool design (each knife is individually made so no two will look the same) trick into thinking this is all show and no go. This is a proper chef knife.

It's made from genuine Damascus steel (67 layers of VG10 steel) and it only weighs 360 grams. As you'd expect, it is not particularly cheap, coming with a hefty £109.99 price tag.

Knives out

Overs Knives Kiritsuke - Damascus Chef Knife

No two knives are the same

Buy Overs knife

What type of kitchen knife do you use? Feel free to share in the comments

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