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- Chicken caesar salad was one of the recalled products

75,000 pounds of salad recalled due to E.coli outbreak

These are the products you need to avoid

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Salad is normally a healthy eating choice, one we can feel good about. But you might want to steer clear of the green stuff for a few days. That’s because tens of thousands of pounds of salad were recalled this past week because of a possible E.coli contamination in the lettuce.

A company based in New Jersey called Missa Bay recalled more than 75,000 pounds of salad products which contained meat or poultry, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Missa Bay salads are sold under different brand names at a range of big stores, including Sam's Club, Walmart, Target and Aldi.

Salads that were recalled included the Ready Pac Bistro Chicken Caesar and the Aldi Bistro Santa Fe. You can check out the full list of recalled products here.

The recall happened after there was an outbreak of E.coli infections in multiple states. A total of 17 people from eight states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, Washington and Wisconsin) have reported being infected with E. coli, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Of those infected, seven people were hospitalized.

An Aldi statement read: "We take the safety and integrity of the products we sell very seriously. The two products ALDI sold that were included in this recall, Little Salad Bar Chicken Caesar Salad and Little Salad Bar Santa Fe Style Salad, had been removed from our shelves already and they are past their use-by dates. All of the products currently on our shelves are safe to eat.”

So If you have one of these salads at home, throw it out or take it back to the store for a refund. Best to stick to burgers and pizza this week, friends.

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  • Every damn year around Thanksgiving it happens

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