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79-year-old man becomes YouTube cooking sensation

Carlos “Tito Charly” Elizondo decided to start his channel (and a new online business) after losing his grocery store job due to coronavirus

41w ago

It's safe to say all of us have been negatively affected in some way or another by the coronavirus pandemic. Quite a few of us have ended up losing our jobs and are now in a situation where we've got to go and find something else to keep us going.

Carlos "Tito Charly" Elizondo was one of those people. Having lost his job as a bagger in a grocery store and without a way of earning a living, the 79-year-old Mexican decided to turn to somewhere where everyone seems to be spending a lot of time these days: the internet.

With the help of his family (one of his daughters is behind the camera and other members of his family such as his grandson chip in to help with technology), Tito Charly started uploading videos of himself cooking on YouTube in May. He also began selling his own product line that includes cheese, chorizo and dried meat through WhatsApp.

While he may have only been uploading for a relatively short time and has only uploaded a handful of videos so far, Tito Charly has gained a pretty big following very fast! His subscriber count is currently sitting at around 419k as of the time of writing (23 June 2020), making him probably one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels around right now.

It's pretty clear that Tito Charly has hit upon something that the internet really likes, something that's already been demonstrated by other YouTube cooks such as Cowboy Kent Rollins. He's a sweet, wholesome grandfather who clearly really loves his food and presents everything in an almost home-video style way, getting his family involved in the process. All his videos are in Spanish, but you can enable subtitles if you're not a Spanish speaker.

According to the article from Reforma about his product line, Tito Charly currently sells his various different food products in the areas of Monterrey, Saltillo, San Luis Potosí, Chihuahua, Torreón and Guanajuato via the WhatsApp number 811-102-6685. Maybe, with the huge amount of popularity he seems to have amassed, you'll be seeing Tito Charly products all over the world at some point in the near future. If that ends up being the case, he's a man who definitely deserves to have all the success in the world.

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