8 delicious bread baking posts this month by FoodDevourrs!

A roundup of crusty goodness

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Baking bread has become synonymous with staying at home these days. Here on FoodDevour, bakers have come out in full force! Here's a look at eight of the prettiest bread creations so far this month, that look like they're straight out of a high-end bakery. There are some first-timers, so give them serious praise!

Bakery style

Emeline Dmncs baked this beautiful loaf for dinner and the next day's breakfast!

First try, well done

Home Cooked Plates did absolutely fantastic for a first go!

Shout-out to dad!

Jonathan Jacob shared this creation that his father baked. He says it didn't rise well, but it looks great to us.

Olive oil and vinegar for dipping? Yes please

Frederic Morin shared his afternoon snack, baked by his sister-in-law. Does anyone else love dipping their bread in a good olive oil and vinegar? Yum!

Proof we've all been baking

Clare Wiley did a great piece on the numbers of how many of us are at home baking bread - and it turns out it's no surprise. We've been baking up a storm! Read her article here.

When your friends bake bread

Alessandro Renesis is not a self-proclaimed baker or chef, but he's got friends to do that! He shared this beauty here on FoodDevour and we wish we had friends like his.

Another first timer!

Patrick Jackson gave bread baking a try for the first time and he did great! We can all agree we'd have a slice, but after we wash our hands of course.

Buns are bread too

Last and certainly not least, Doug Smith posted the rich history of Hot Cross Buns this past Easter Sunday. He even includes a fun video of his process! You can read his article here.

If you weren't featured this week, fear not! There will be more to come!

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  • Those are some lovely breads... now I am hungry

      9 months ago
  • thank you for shout out!

      9 months ago
  • Donโ€™t like making bread, love eating it!

      9 months ago
  • How could you torture me like this? I thought you liked me? Lol

      9 months ago
    • You are a dear, Jane! Our bakers have killed us all this month with their creations๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿž

        9 months ago
    • I can almost smell it!

        9 months ago
  • Wow. I need to practice more!

      9 months ago
    • Go for it! We'll be waiting for delicious updates ๐Ÿ˜

        9 months ago