8 of the best chocolate spreads for toast or pancakes... or straight off a spoon

No judgement from me if you just wanna dive straight in...

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When you think about chocolate spread for your toast, chances are your mind goes straight to Nutella. The chocolatey, hazelnut-y spread has got world domination in its sights, it’s been responsible for riots, and a whopping 25% of the world’s hazelnuts go into making it.

And yes, while I love a bit of Nutella myself, I also love a bit of variety in my life. So I thought it wise to embark on a very serious journalistic mission… a chocolate spread kinda mission.

In celebration of National Toast Day on the last Thursday of February (it’s a vague link, but I reckon it’s there), here are my favourite chocolate spreads and Nutella alternatives.

The fancy one – Lindt Dark Chocolate spread

You know when something just tastes fancy… and a bit expensive? Lindt has nailed it with its chocolate spread. It’s smooth, not sickly sweet, dense, and has ideal spoonability. Is that a thing? It is now! There’s also an excellent hazelnut version if you are looking for a Nutella alternative. All the ingredients are sustainably sourced, and it's palm oil free.

Lindt Dark Chocolate Spread 200g

Luxurious dark chocolate spread, made from the finest cocoa

The ‘dessert humous’ one – Moorish chocolate spread

You might know Moorish for their excellent range of smoked humous (seriously, I’ve been having crudités all week just so I’ve got a vehicle to get more humous into my mouth... in an acceptable and classy way), but did you know they’ve also got a ‘dessert humous’? Made with chickpeas, coconut milk, sesame seed paste, cocoa powder, pomegranate molasses and golden syrup, it’s a delicious, vegan, gluten-free chocolate spread, but perhaps not as you know it. On top of that, it's got 70% less sugar than other chocolate spreads, is a good source of healthy fats, and has no palm oil.

Dips - Moorish Humous & Dips

The honey one – Rowse Chocobee

I love Rowse honey, but there’s a new jar on the scene that’s got everyone in a buzz (sorry…). ChocoBee is a mix of just two ingredients: honey and cocoa. Love honey on toast AND love chocolate spread on toast, but hate having to make a decision between the two? Now you don’t have to! Yeh! It’s still got that yummy honey flavour, but with a delightful chocolatey streak. It tastes really different from Nutella, mostly as it doesn’t have any hazelnuts in it, but that’s very much the point. It's made with sustainable cocoa, has no palm oil, and it's part of the Rowse Hives for Lives programme, which protects honey bees and supports beekeepers.

The saucy one – Joe & Seph's chocolate sauces

Ok, so technicallyyyy this is more of a sauce than a spread, but I don't think any of you will be cross with me about that when you taste it. Joe & Seph's (those dreamy perfect popcorn purveyors) have a chocolate and caramel sauce, a chocolate and hazelnut caramel sauce, and my personal favourite, an orange chocolate caramel sauce for you to choose from (also about 500 different caramel sauces, but that's for another day!). The orange chocolate sauce is like tucking into a Terry's chocolate orange, that's been dipped in caramel, and liquified. Good luck trying not to eat the entire jar in one sitting though. It's delightfully moreish.

Orange Chocolate Caramel Sauce To Buy | Joe & Seph's

Enjoy our handmade orange chocolate caramel sauce, made with fresh double cream, zesty orange and rich chocolate

The velvety one – Gü Chocolate & Salted Caramel Velvety Spread

*Hands up* if you also have a growing collection of Gü pots you’ve collected over the years? Now you can add to the collection, but in a bigger form. Oh yes, Gü is part of the #chocolatespread life too! The chocolate & salted caramel flavour is delightfullll. Another one you’ll want to attack head first though I’m afraid. I know, I keep doing this to you and it’s just not fair. If you get past the ‘spoon from jar into mouth’ stage, it’s amazing on ice cream. Plus, it's no added palm oil.

Velvety Chocolate & Salted Caramel Spread | Gü Puds

Why wait for pancake day? Your taste buds deserve an indulgent treat all year round. Our Velvety chocolate & salted caramel spread is the perfect pairing for toast, waffles or even ice cream.

The decadent make your own one – Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Hotel Chocolat used to make their own seriously decadent chocolate hazelnut spread, but it’s since been discontinued. However, fear not, because they’ve released the recipe to the world, so we can all indulge once again. And indulge we all shall! Absolutely no judgement from me if you just dive right in with a spoon, but if you make it further than that, it’s great on pancakes, ice cream or toast. You're making it yourself, so you know it's palm oil free, and it can also be vegan too if you use vegan chocolate!

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Recipe - HotelChocolat

This is one of Hotel Chocolat’s most popular chocolate spreads. You can buy hazelnut paste in most supermarkets and health food shops. Alternatively, you can blitz hazelnuts in a food processor to your desired consistency. Hotel Chocolat

The ‘use creatively’ one - TipTree chocolate spread

They say don't knock it until you've tried it... Image: TipTree

They say don't knock it until you've tried it... Image: TipTree

If you’ve stayed in a hotel, or been for afternoon tea, it’s very likely that you will have had a perfect tiny pot of TipTree jam at some point in your life. Time to rejoice, as they also do a banging chocolate spread. Made with real Belgian chocolate, it’s nut-free, palm-oil free, Kosher certified, and delicious. Tiptree suggests you can ‘get even more creative’ with it… I was wondering what that meant, then saw they had a recipe for a bacon and chocolate croissant. So I’m innocently assuming they meant that.

Bacon & Chocolate Croissant

The Wilkin family have been farming at Tiptree, Essex, since 1757, and making quality preserves since 1885. We grow a wide range of traditional English fruits and use them to make conserves, condiments, and other treats in our nut-free factory by the farm.

The crunchy one – Crispy M&Ms chocolate spread

There are two types of people in the world: crunchy peanut butter fans, and smooth peanut butter fans. Is the same true for chocolate spread? I don’t know. But if you’re a crunchy lover, this Crispy M&Ms spread is the one for you. Honestly, it’s like someone’s taken a whole bag, liquified them, and put the remnants in a jar – with a bit of hazelnut. Yum. According to Asda, its features are that it's 'suitable for vegetarians' and 'crispy' – what else do you need to know?

What's your favourite chocolate spread?

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  • I enjoy a local chocolate sesame seed paste spread these days. It takes a bit of time to get used to it, but now I am in love! 😅

      22 days ago
  • They should all taste amazing! 😍 But Nutella always wins for me 🙈

      22 days ago
  • Chocolate spread on a fresh croissant and a hot ☕ of coffee is heavenly.

      22 days ago
  • I need them all please and thank you 😁✊🏾

      21 days ago
  • I don't need the toast I will eat the chocolate spread out of the jar with a spood if pushed...

      22 days ago