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9 of the best pasta recipes out there

Take your pasta to the next level with these amazing recipes

40w ago

An all too commonly uttered phrase in my household is "don't trust anyone who doesn't like pasta." This is normally said when we eat pasta, which is a lot, and, it turns out, we are very trusting people because who doesn't like pasta?!

It's delicious and versatile in every way. You can have different ingredients in the pasta itself, it can be an array of different shapes, and the flavour possibilities are literally endless.

It's a pity that we all tend to stick to what we know, really. That's why we have put together some of the best pasta recipes the internet has to offer so that you can mix it up and try something new. A lot of these recipes are vegetarian but there is absolutely no reason you can't add your favourite meat or fish for something a little more you.

Toasted Ravioli

Something completely different but oh so simple, here. Ravioli is amazing and it comes in all formats from canned, to fresh, to put it together yourself. This is great because, like most pasta, you can have exactly what you want inside it and out.

Bread it and toast it and suddenly it can be a dipping snack! It can be something you have on the side of another dish, or you can still use it like normal pasta but with a delicious, toasted, crunch.

Lamb ragu with rigatoni

There are fewer hearty flavours than lamb and, as a nation who celebrates predominantly beef, this adds a touch of luxury to what could otherwise be seen as a simple dish. One quick switch out and you have something a little bit special.

This recipe calls for rigatoni pasta which is perfect as it captures all that amazing sauce inside it but, of course, you can switch this out for your favourite pasta of whatever you can get your hands on.

Vodka pasta

It's a thing! You might be wondering what on earth vodka is doing in pasta and whether you need to get your hands on some tonic to balance it out. Rather than bringing a boozy feel to the dish, it freshens it and helps to emulsify your sauce.

Expect a cremier experience with heightened flavours and an added sharpness. Here's FoodDevour's very own Rachael Hogg's recipe.

Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta

This recipe is a step up from your run of the mill chicken pasta, which will always be a firm favourite. It amazingly creamy and you can add or subtract as much of the ingredients as you like to make it suit you and your family.

Garlicy, cheesy, and creamy, it's rich and it's comfort food at it's absolute best.

Lemon ricotta pasta

This is a remarkably healthy pasta option and the sauce is a no cook recipe, which is music to our ears. Whip it up in no time at all and save on washing up, yes please!

This is zingy and fresh but still manages to be filling and satisfying with the addition of parmesan and ricotta. The recipe is vegetarian but we reckon some cooked chicken would be amazing in there!

Garlic mushroom pasta

This is a crowd pleaser, in the best possible way. It's bold and full of earthy umami flavours that can't fail to to bring even the longest of days to a pleasing end.

There is masses of room for manoeuvre in this recipe too. You could easily give it a bit of body by adding some cheese or give it a kick by adding some chilli. Swap in your favourite herbs, add that meat you have to use up. There is very little you can't do with it so it's one for the repertoire.

Pasta primavera

The reason this dish is amazing is that it can be anything you want it to be. It's basically pasta with tonnes of vegetables but that's it - the rest is up to you. This is great if you have half used veg in the fridge that you need to get out the way and you'll never get bored of it because it can be totally different every time.

It's also amazing cold. Some people will happily eat any pasta cold but some are really not great. This one will taste as fresh at lunchtime the next day as it does at dinner straight from the pan, so you have dinner and lunch for tomorrow sorted!

Also, recipes are great and all, but take them as a guide. You want to add cream cheese to this, go for it. Cooked chicken, delicious. Make it yours.

Pea, almond & mint pesto pasta

Yes, it sounds weird, but try it! I promise you will love it. Mint and peas are a tried and tested winner. Almond and basil pesto, also a solid favourite. The two combined are the taste sensation you didn't know you needed!

You get the warm familiarity of the pesto with the sweetness of the peas and the cool hit of mint, so it's fresh and warming all at once, there is no way this isn't satisfying you! Also, we have it on good authority that shredded lamb makes this a match made in heaven.

Macaroni cheese

No pasta recipe guide would be complete without a good mac and cheese, so here it is. This is the simplest version you'll find and yes, there are posher recipes out there, but if you have a simple one under your belt, you can knock it out in no time at all, while being able to jazz it up as much as you like when you have more time to play with.

This, on its own, is delicious and you can dial up the cheese as you want (and I want). For a little something extra you can add ham and , if you find yourself with time on your hands, you can make a topping and throw it in the oven for a bit. Breadcrumbs are a classic but I like to use crisps. Call me crazy but ready salted crisps crushed on mac and cheese are amazing and if you have a couple of packets of cheesy Quavers, mash them up and put them on top - you can thank me later!

What's your favourite pasta dish

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  • This is where I earn the Stanways' suspicion by admitting I don't really enjoy pasta. It's not offensive, but I find myself avoiding it on the menu at an Italian restaurant.

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  • 9 of the best things you can do with pasta. One of them involves vodka @tribe

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