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A $450 wine is selling out after golfer Phil Mickelson drank it from a trophy

Only 3,000 bottles ever produced

5d ago

Sometimes we tend to underestimate the power of 'influencer marketing', especially when it is unscripted and spontaneous (or designed to look like it is). The vast majority of self-proclaimed influencers are just pretenders, but whenever high-profile celebrities, athletes and artists promote a new brand or product, the product in question always sells like hot cakes.

That's the case with a $450 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is now sold out after professional golfer Phil Mickelson poured it inside the PGA trophy he had just won, and drank it.

Mickelson sampled the Black Magic Cabernet Sauvignon - the most expensive wine produced by TOR Wines in St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA - directly from the Wanamaker Trophy that is awarded to PGA Championship winners. Mickelson said [Black Magic] is "probably my favorite wine, certainly from Napa. Like, I know the wine is good, but there’s something about the Wanamaker that just gives it that little extra".

He also shared an Instagram post with the caption, "Brought the Wanamaker to Amy’s birthday celebration. The wine had an extra ingredient this time - just a dash of VICTORY. Tastes so good!"

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, winemaker and TOR founder Tor Kenward confirmed the Black Magic has officially become the fastest-selling bottle ever produced in Napa, probably thanks to the Mickelson's contribution. “You’re always surprised when the most expensive wine you make is the one that sells out the fastest,” Kenward said. "We’ve been trying to give one bottle per person for people who came in after the Phil thing".

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