- Time to stock up

A big stock of stock!

My train got cancelled so look what I did...

1y ago

I was a victim of a train cancellation today and so I had time on my hands.

I really hate stock cubes however good they claim to be - I always think the flavour of them overwhelms the taste of the ingredients - so I caught up on my chores today and made a batch for the freezer. My friend called in and was laughing at me as she thinks it's weird.

Does anyone else hate stock cubes as much as me or am I weird?

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  • Thankyou for posing an interesting kitchen convenience and thrift question.

    Liquid stock has certain convenience advantages.

    On the other hand, dehydrated stock cubes also make economic sense because, in theory they reduce freight costs.

    Imagine if the instructions for most soups were : " just add boiling water from your Gosun parabolic trough solar powered kettle, and stir " ?

    Re the overpowering stock cube flavour question, I've also found that you can get by with 1/2 or a 3rd of the recommended quantity of stock cubes.

      1 year ago
    • That’s an interesting machine what is it

        1 year ago
    • It's the GoSun solar cooker . I haven't actually tried this one myself.

      I've built a different version, a box type solar oven which was capable of cooking veges, soup, and making tea.

      It was about 2 days work, and used about $25 in materials,...

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        1 year ago
  • That’s clever I’d like to try one - all we need now is sun haha

      1 year ago
  • It’s not really to save money for me I don’t use processed food unless you count tinned veg as processed which I suppose it is...I just don’t get the point real food tastes better and can be as quick or slow as you want.

      1 year ago