A​ Brazilian delicacy: Fish & Prawn Moqueca

T​he Moqueca, to us foodies, has Brazil's stamp all over it. It's a delicious dish, yet so straightforward to make. Here's my version of the famous Moqueca...

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I​'ve started to become a bit nostalgic recently, terribly missing holidays in general, but mainly holidays to Brazil. I miss the glorious summers spent on or near a beach, with some magnificent fresh seafood cooked to order. This, as I am sure you can imagine, isn't doing me much good, as in the past I'd have eventually just booked a flight for a week or two away. But now, for obvious reasons, that isn't possible.

A​las, I shall bring Brazil here since I can't go there. I love the 'Moqueca', but on reflection, I have very rarely actually made it. So, you can see what's coming...

W​hat's the Moqueca all about?

T​here are various different types of Moqueca and these originated in different parts of Brazil. But essentially, it's a very simple fish stew made with some rather basic ingredients. Traditionally it's cooked in a clay pot, but for this recipe I'm sticking to just a regular pan.

A​ll you need for a Moqueca, is some white fish and/or prawns (I like to use both!), coconut milk, some tomatoes, peppers and coriander - that's it. Of course, there are one or two minor additions, but those are the main ingredients.


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  • Your ideas sound fantastic. I don’t think it’s too complicated. Whilst a little ‘off-piste’ with what constitutes a moqueca, I’m all for adding your own twist to dishes and experimenting

      13 days ago