- Do you remember these?

A casserole dish with a family history

Whats your casserole dish story?

49w ago

My uncle was one of the first in the business supplying ready meals to restaurants.

As a child we went around to his house once to taste all the newly invented boil in the bag meals.

It was amazing - they were just like home cooked and each one of them were supplied in this casserole dish with a lid that they served the dish to the customers in.

I am still using this dish donkeys years later and I love it.

I think it was made by Ross foods but I'm not sure.

Does anyone remember these and what your heritage kitchen item?

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  • my MIL was called Carol except behind her back we called her 'Casserole' due to her fondness of all one-dish recipes. Few of which were any good, tbh.

      11 months ago