A Classic Pub Lunch, But Different

A pint, a burger, and a game of scrabble: the quintessential English lazy afternoon. However, Brewdog have made this an entirely new experience.

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Brewdog is a company that seems intent on changing the pub experience in significant ways. This January they are putting enormous force behind both their vegan options, and their non-alcoholic drinks: with huge discounts on both, they are clearly trying to encourage as many customers as possible to skip on meat, dairy and alcohol.

To do so, they've offered almost unbelievable deals to help those doing both Veganuary and dry January: 50% of all vegan meals , and free refills on non-alcoholic drinks. Yes that's right: free refills on nonalcoholic beers!

Always keen to scoop up a bargain, I headed in yesterday to take advantage of the offers, and came away hugely impressed by the whole experience.

Forgot to photograph until half eaten... sorry.

Forgot to photograph until half eaten... sorry.

For lunch, I had a seitan steak burger, which was so good I ate the majority of it before remembering to take a photo. Hence that disgusting image. You'll just have to take my word for the fact that it was delicious, and very well presented before I mauled it into that rather revolting looking mess.

The burger was huge – and I mean, hard-to-get-in-your-mouth big, and served in a delicious sweet BBQ sauce with kale and some other goodies. It was juicy, meaty, flavoursome: an all around success. The beetroot brioche bun was a visual feast, although it tasted more or less like any other brioche bun. In the January sale, this burger cost just £5! Unbelievably good, considering the size and quality.

I had a Punk AF (stands for alcohol free) alongside, and it was thoroughly unusual chugging down the refillable pints without feeling even slightly tipsy. A refillable pint costs about a fiver, which isn't cheap ... unless you really try to get your money's worth.

It was really lovely being able to have a proper, zero compromise pub lunch without having to get drunk, as boring as that sounds. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy the delicious taste of Brewdog's beer without getting tipsy and, consequently, sleepy. My scrabble play was definitely improved as a result!

Similarly, it's nice to have a big, stodgy, meaty meal. Veggie and vegan food can often be tediously light and healthy, so it was a welcome change to gorge on a sticky, messy, protein packed lunch like this one.

In summary, I'll be back!

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  • really interesting, I've never been to brewdog

      1 year ago