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A couple designed the whole of their tiny flat around a pizza oven - we approve

You'll be surprised how they incorporated it into their small space...

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When designing their dream, tiny, 304-square foot house in Summerfield, Florida, Rebekah and Robert Sofia had to decide how they would make the best use of the little living space they had, while still retaining some creative liberty to add in things that they really wanted. Like... PIZZA.

Some of the things Rebekah laid out that she needed and wanted in their home included a deep sink, gas stove, a full-sized refrigerator, and a fireplace of some sort. In their previous homes, both Rebekah and Robert enjoyed having a fireplace in their kitchen area, with Rebekah sharing that, "[she] just love[s] fire for one thing... love[s] the smell of it... love[s] the coziness of it, [and] think[s] it's very warming and welcoming."

After brainstorming some ideas for a fireplace in their home, they decided that they would build a wood-burning pizza oven, that could also function as a traditional fireplace. Once this was decided, the rest of their kitchen and home design revolved around the pizza oven, which they saw as a "worthy trade-off". Understandable.

The couple spent two weeks building the pizza oven which cost $1,500 USD in building materials, such as fire brick, plaster, fire-resistant mortar, and ceramic wool. Luckily, the couple had prior experience in building and design as they had built fireplaces in their previous homes, and Robert had worked as a mason doing brickwork and stonework. A little homely touch was also added to the handmade door of the pizza oven by Rebekah, which featured welded stems from the rosemary bush in her previous home.

Once finished, the couple enjoyed their first pizza in their handmade pizza oven, but yet unfinished home (priorities, of course!). Sitting in their partially-done living room on fold-out lawn chairs, they enjoyed their first pizza. Rebekah also shared that her favourite pizza recipe to make includes just four ingredients - garlic, a four-cheese blend, fresh basil, and Kalamata olives.

In the end, the couple thinks it was definitely "worth it" - and quite frankly, so do we.

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  • I want one, or two or no maybe 3 in every room 😅🥺😂

      1 month ago
  • That is pretty cool 😎

      1 month ago
  • I fully understand and agree with that. My wife and I did the same thing, not whole flat, just kitchen. While surfing the internet I came across discontinued model of ILVE 904 stove with wok burner, fish kettle burner, standard oven, spit roast oven and tepanyaki plate. We pulled out and rebuilt whole kitchen.

      1 month ago