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A couple years back I’d taken inspiration from Bob’s Burgers and decided to come up with my own cleverly named burger. I called it the Pesto Change-o burger. It’s a 50/50 mix of beef and Italian sausage, mozzarella, tomato, and romaine lettuce, with only pesto as a condiment, all tucked into a toasted ciabatta bun. I know it’s a bit pink for some peoples comfort but I’ve got a cast iron gut and prefer my mammals on the less done side if I can get away with it. You’ll have to excuse the paper plate, which is a direct result of who my roommate at the time was

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  • Chicken sashimi is my favorite! Jk hahaha but seriously, I try to get pork right at temp but if it’s just me it’s no biggie if it’s a bit pink. Other than that most poultry I definitely make sure I get to temp with duck being the single exception. I think bear is the only mammal that I’m adamant about cooking to temp, and that’s only to avoid trichinosis. Otherwise I like it blue rare to rate in most cases

      17 days ago
    • 😂 burgers pink, steak rare, dear varies depending on what I'm making. The bear I had was crockpoted so it was done and I've had a dear-moose meatloaf and obviously cooked done.

        17 days ago
  • I like mine on the less done side as well

      17 days ago
  • That looks delicious! I'm not scared if a little pink.

      17 days ago