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A dog is delivering wine in Maryland, USA

Dogs are safer (and cuter) than humans, according to WHO

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It's hard for businesses to keep going during the Coronavirus crisis. Many are turning to curbside deliveries as a way to deliver food and other essentials.

One winery in Maryland, USA has come up with possibly the best delivery service ever, enlisting the help of the co-owner's dog, Soda Pup.

The Stone House Urban Winery has been running shorter hours because of the crisis, but with the help of Soda Pup, they've gained quite the following.

Stone House Urban Winery

Hi all, Soda here again. So, mom has been filling me in on this Covid-19 virus thing and she says that it is REALLY affecting small businesses like our little winery. Mom says that we all have to...

Soda Pup, who was introduced on the winery's Facebook page. Soda Pup has a pack (you could call it that) that can carry two bottles of wine at a time.

Needless to say, Soda pup is so popular that there have been patrons who have come to the winery just for a photograph.

Stone House Urban Winery

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The WHO (World Health Organisation), has said, "to date, there is no evidence that a dog, cat or any pet can transmit COVID-19". Therefore, not only is Soda Pup safer than a human delivery service, he's also WAY cuter.

And he seems to enjoy the work, getting lots of treats, love, pets and well-earned breaks!

Stone House Urban Winery

"Yes mom, I'm working very hard to bring in some business. Actually, I really miss all my friends that would come in to see me. Okay, I'll let them know that we are open from 2:00 - 6:00 PM....

Stone House Urban Winery

We at the Stone House are all doing our best to safely keep the Winery up and running. We are going out of our way to provide a clean environment. We are staying on TOP of wine production. And,...

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