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A genuine Indian red curry recipe

It's a staple of family curry nights in the Percy household – here's how to make it

Robert Percy posted in Indian
29w ago

This red curry is a staple of family curry nights in my family. It's got a little bit of a backstory to it. It's a legit Indian recipe that was given to us by one of our family friends while they lived near us in London (they now live in New York). We have enjoyed it for years as a family and, since I'm now writing here on FoodDevour, I figured that it would be a good recipe to share with the community here.

The spices and ingredients are down to personal taste and you can vary them quite a bit. We usually have this curry with prawns in it, but the original recipe has it with chicken. You can just as easily do it with fish or tofu, if any of those are more your bag. Make more of it than you need to as well – everyone loves leftovers.

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Comments (9)

  • Sounds good to me.

      6 months ago
  • Sounds pretty tasty! What do you serve it with?

      6 months ago
  • Our curry recipe is pretty much the same except we use coconut milk and chili powder (for the redness). Our curry powder (in lieu of Garam masala) is a recipe by itself!)

      6 months ago
  • Like that😋

      6 months ago