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A giant v​egan creme egg has landed for Easter

The gigantic eggs are roughly 13 times the weight of a normal creme egg

1y ago

Easter may feel like a long way off, like ages, but we're ready to get eggs-cited (sorry!) about one ginormous creme egg that's already in production.

Considerit chocolate shop in Edinburgh are making giant creme eggs — 13 times the weight of a normal size ones you can buy in shops up and down the country — and they're vegan-friendly.

The hefty eggs come decorated in bright colours by Considerit's chocolate artisans.

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The shop is well known for its plant-based confection, especially its doughnuts, chocolate and ice cream. All products are hand crafted on a daily basis and pure vegan-friendly indulgence.

I​f one massive egg is too much to handle for you, why not opt for a creme egg doughnut, which are made from bits of creme eggs that didn't make it out of the shop moulds in one piece.

The eggs will be available to pre-order in a few weeks' time ahead of Easter. Last year they sold out fairly quickly, so you'll want to crack on quickly before they're all gone.

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The collective mission at Considerit is to serve up hand craft artisan, indulgent treats which are free from any animal products.

The bakery specialise in chocolates, doughnuts and ice-cream, the flavours of which are inspired by seasonal and local ingredients and prove vegan doesn't always mean healthy.

All products are free from dairy, artificial colours and preservatives and any animal products. Some of them are even free from added sugar. What! Ice-cream with no sugar?!

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  • Vegan chocolates have to be larger, got to get some meat on the people who eat them.

      1 year ago
  • I need this one but I'm afraid it's not available in my country!! 😭😭😭😭

      1 year ago